PM Modi at G7 said India a natural ally of open societies

India is a natural ally of open societies said PM Modi in G7 Summit: PM Modi described India as a natural ally of open societies in G7 summit. PM Modi also said about democracy and freedom that they were a part of India’s civilisational ethos. He also shared concerns for open societies as they were particularly vulnerable to disinformation and cyber attacks and underlining the need to ensure that cyber space remains an avenue for advancing democratic values and not subverting it.

He was invited to speak as the lead speaker in a session on Open Societies. Modi referred many things related to cyber space. His reference to cyber space could be also read in the context of disinformation, commercial data theft and cyber attacks which are always in news nowadays, and also becoming a part of tactics employed by state actors. The leaders later adopted the Open Societies statement. It was appreciated among various things, freedom of expression as a freedom that safeguards the democracy and also helps people live free from fear and oppression. MEA’s secretary related to economic affairs P Harish reported to the press conference about G7 Summit. He said “PM highlighted India’s civilisational commitment to democracy, freedom of thought and liberty. As the world’s largest democracy, India is a natural ally for the G7 and guest countries in defending these shared values from a host of threats stemming from authoritarianism, terrorism and violent extremism, disinformation and infodemics and economic coercion,

It was also said that the G7 leaders underlined their commitment to a free, open and a rules based Indo Pacific. They also commited to collaborate with partners in that region probably referring to counter the Chinese claims in the entire region. In the summit Modi highlighted the non-democratic and unequal nature of some global governance institutions. He demanded for a reform in the multilateral system and stated that it could be seen as the best signal of commitment to the cause of open societies. As per the reports and some senior MEA officials, it was also noted that there was a widespread support for the country on the widespread negotiations on the proposal between India and South Africa related to the patent waiver on Covid 19 vaccines and other things related to it.

PM Modi also participated on another session which was related to climate change. He highlighted that the countries which are acting in silos can not protect the biodiversity, planet’s atmosphere, nature and oceans. He also called for a collective action on climate change. He also spoke about India’s unwavering commitment to climate action. He also mentioned about Indian Railways commitment. He said that Indian Railways is committed to achieve net zero emissions by the year 2030. As per the officials by government, “He stressed that India is the only G20 country on track to meet its Paris commitments. He also took note of the increasing effectiveness of the two major global initiatives nurtured by India, ie the CDRI and the International Solar Alliance,