Are we enjoying just to show it off?

Do you remember the last time you went on a trip and did not post a photograph of it on any social media?

Well, it is not at all a bad thing to post photos of those trips but if the motive of the trip comes down to clicking photos for your social media, then maybe you should give it a thought.

Once upon a time, clicking photos was for keeping the memories alive, for remembering the good times, but now, as we have access to clicking unlimited photos, we never look back at those photos after posting the best ones on our socials. When we make a plan for going out, whether it just to go to a nice café nearby, or a short trip or a long vacation, the only thought we have on our minds is clicking photos. We go on vacations to enjoy, to see the world out there, to make memories, and in between those things we click some photos to see it in the future. But the theory has become all opposite, we go on vacations just to click photos, we forget that we came here for a purpose other than clicking photos. Next time, when you go out, observe the environment, sit and talk to the person you went out with.

Scientists have also claimed that clicking photos impair memories of that event. We might think that photographs will help us remember the event better, but according to research and some experiments, it has been noticed that people who do not click photographs remember the event more clearly than the ones who click photographs rather than observing what is in front of them. These results were observed because of a phenomenon called cognitive- offloading which means that you do not remember well because you know that the photos will be there to remember. According to Julia Soares, a doctoral student at the University of California, when people step out of the moment to click a photograph, they become less focused on what is in front of them. This phenomenon is termed “attentional disengagement” by Julia.

This is the same case as that of phone numbers, people could remember phone numbers better when there were only the landline phones and now, as we can save all the phone numbers, we do not remember them and hence, our capacity to remember them also decreases.

You should click photographs, but remember to live in the moment first. If you do not experience the moment, the photo would not bring any memories back, it will be just a piece of paper. Your experience, your enjoyment, the time you spent at that place does not need validation from others on social media, do not feel pressured to post photographs so much so that you start living for those photographs only. Instead, live in the moment, create memories and in between all these things, click photographs so that in the future when you look at those photos they bring back some beautiful memories.