The world is moving so fast, at a momentous speed that to keep pace with it we are making ourselves run faster than we are capable of. And in this race, we are so much drowned in coming first or emerging better than the other that we are compromising our very own life and existence.

We all realize how rapid our speed is in achieving all the materialistic possessions that we neglect our health, mind, and soul. Our soul and body want us to slow our pace but unfortunately, their voice gets suppressed by the worldly noise.

In the journey of reaching the top, and wanting things to run smoothly we do not realize that things sometimes do get messed up. We forget that adversity is a part of the journey, and it also a reality. The peak of the mountain is never straight and paved but always broken and curvy.

In this journey of climbing the top, we forget to pack the essentials of this journey. Those essentials are hope, courage, confidence, and most importantly POSITIVITY.
Hardships and distress will come to us for certain. How we deal with them is the real game.

Many of us get shattered, dejected and, miserable when hardship strikes us hard. It is the time when positivity plays its card. Despite agony consuming you, you must constantly fill yourself with positivity. It is when you train your mind of absorbing the positive aspects of the situation, that you have reached the peak.

Hardships and adversity are capable of drowning even the strongest of ships. It is when you are positive, you attract ways of coming out of the situation. A troubled mind never finds ways of solving the problem. When you are positively charged, you are confident, and your spirits are high, and tell yourself “I can do it” rather than “I cannot do this”.