CBSE Class 12 results before 15 August, Results based on past performance

CBSE Class 12 results are likely to be announced by 15 August. The Results will be based on past performance by Central Board of Secondary Education as per officials: It is being estimated that the CBSE results for class 12 are likely to be announced by 15 August throughout the country. The Results are said to be based on past performance. Marks scored by students in CBSE Practical exams which were conducted in February – March as well as internal assessment will also be considered along with the past performance in the final result computation.

As per some officials, it has been confirmed now that marks will be awarded to students as the evaluation criteria. The evaluation criteria would also be required to be submitted to Supreme Court by June 17. The criteria would also be published in public domain on official site of CBSE. The schools are also given a time of 1 month so that they could submit and compute CBSE class 12 results to the board. While speaking on policy criteria, officials dismissed the reports of possible grades for students of class 12. CBSE also reiterated that the marks will be awarded to students like the students in the batch before them and after them. The proper criteria for calculating marks of students is being discussed, and the panel is studying various recommendations for it.

A panel of 12 members was set up on June 4 for it. The 12 members panel has also reportedly considered the performance of students in class 10 and class 11. It has also considered the performance of students in various internal parameters. The officials didn’t divulge any actual details. Although they stated that there would be a very important role of teachers and students in this evaluation process. Also all schools would also be granted a month for computing and submitting marks to Center Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Then it is expected that CBSE will take a time period of 10 to 15 days for completion of the process and later publish the results of students.

This whole process of evaluating and declaring the result is expected to be completed by 15th of August. As per sources, various important points for evaluation process were noted. It was noted that Students will not be awarded grades but will be awarded marks. The awarding of marks is to ensure a parity between different batches of students. It was also said that a special mention will be done on the marksheet of students who are planning to study abroad in future. It was stated that teachers and students were to play an important role in the evaluation process.

The marks scored by students in the practical examination which were conducted in February – March as well as the internal assessment will be considered in the computation of final result. Students who haven’t performed well in the pre board examinations or internal assesments will have a chance to improve their score in one subject of their choice by appearing in the Compartment Exams, which are to be conducted by CBSE when the time is conducive. A provision would be also made for students who are not satisfied with their result to appear for improvement or board examination which would be conducted at a later date by CBSE.