Health dept gears up to deal with 3rd wave

The health department has prepared an action plan for dealing with the third wave of Covid. The plan focuses on vaccinating the maximum number of people and increasing health infrastructure with the support of private hospitals.

The plan involves vaccinating people from 2 to 2.5 lakh everyday. The plan also involves increasing the bed capacity, ICUs and ventilators. The oxygen supply capacity will be increased to 60 tonnes per day.

The bed occupancy has come down now as the intensity of second wave has started waning. The meeting noted that only 47% of Covid beds have been occupied.

The infection has been spreading from one person in the house to other family members. Hence, family members should be vigilant. Those without facilities for home quarantine will be shifted to Covid care centers. As the death toll is increasing, awareness campaigns focusing on high-risk groups will be launched, said the minister.

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