Living your dream

It is easy to dream,as it is free.But fulfilling it by making it your goal or aim is difficult.You must be wondering about that dream,fantasizing yourself living it.

My friend,had it been easy everyone would had done

So what can make you take a stride closer to the marathon?

Firstly identify the impediments

This can begin by analyzing your behavior and comparing it with your better self.What is stopping you from achieving that goal?

There can be –

1)Financial /Economic constraint

Being Born in a poor family,requires you to earn at an early age.Definitely not a dream pusher.In this condition,when you are bound my money,the only thing you can fully utilize is your time .So take out time and study,acquire skills required for your dream.

Wake up early and dedicate 1 golden hour to your dream.In your free time when others are chitchatting or living in luxury of money,you toil .

On a day take out 1 hour for your dream on a busy day take put 2 .

That’s how it works.

Skillup your game.Learn to manage your dream and your job together.

2)Parental constraint

If often happens,specially in india where your parents are conservative and have a monochromatic approach in career.Like becoming engineer or doctor.Cracking upsc or getting into a bank etc.

Social media has opened up plethora of opportunities for you.New age dreams could be becoming a youtuber,blogger,influencer,social media manager etc

Earlier dancing and singing careers faced opposition but with time we see many choreographers and singers inspiring upcoming generation.

As harsh as it sounds if you have conservative or reserved Parents they won’t agree with your decision .

You have to fight your battle alone.

It is only when you start growing in that field,that you gain their trust.

So slowly,introduce to them your dream much after you have already started working on it.Do not wait for their permission to start because my dear friends that will not happen.If you have parents with modern thinking,you have nothing to worry about.Just start doing your thing till you succeed.

3)Societal constraint 

There is nothing such as societal constraints.It doesn’t exist if you choose to ignore it.If you give importance to what will people say?what if they laugh?what if I fail in front of them?what if they don’t like it? 

You can never succeed with this attitude.

There is a thing called being thick skinned.No matter what it takes do not leave your dream because of “log kya kahenge”.

4)Mental constraints 

If you are facing none of the above you are definitely facing this.Lack of confidence,fear of failure or just fear of starting.It may be laziness,addiction to procrastination or just nothing at all.

You need to realize mere understanding is not enough.The sacrifices you make today shape your future.Take external help if you subconscious not directly directs you to work towards it.The end is important and the means can be altered  from individual to individual.Be happy in your own thick skin.

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