Nearby places to visit in Mumbai

Mumbai is commonly cited as the town of dreams. Tall buildings and busy streets enclosed by pretty beaches are the best options of this capital town of Maharashtra. This vivacious town has a vigorous ambiance that can’t be felt elsewhere. It’s a really numerous town with folks of various races, cultures, religions, economic backgrounds, all living harmonically. The town additionally includes a made historical background. It had been dominated by Grand Turk Bahadur, sovereign of the Gujarat land and was fashioned from seven islands. folks of metropolis are notable for his or her resilient spirit. They work flat out for his or her resource and at an equivalent time fancy their life. Metropolis is additionally home to Bollywood, the Hindi movie industry.

There are several historical places, life destinations, spiritual places and naturally stunning places within the town that you’ll visit. The entrance of Asian nation, Elephanta Caves and Victoria Terminus are a number of the places conserving historical heritage. The Film town is nothing but a dream world. Then there are holy places just like the Siddhivinayak Temple, Haji Ali, Mahalaxmi Temple, Mount Virgin Mary Church, etc. Essel World, Marine Drive, blue blood of Wales depository, Colaba Causeway Market, Juhu Beach etc., are a number of the places that tourists will visit during this vivacious town.

Now let us see 5 places to visit near Mumbai

1. Tamhini steps

If you fancy a motorcycle trip from Bombay, then you may love Tamhini steps. Basically a road snaking through the Western Ghats, it takes you past many waterfalls, on dam reservoirs, over valleys and through huge leafage. All this whereas, the clouds are actually in your face! Because of its sultry weather and romantic vibes, Tamhini steps is additionally one amongst the most effective places to go close to Mumbai for couples.

Distance from Mumbai: one hundred forty kilometre

Driving Time: three hours half-hour

Things to Do: Visit Mulshi Dam, camping, nature walks, birdwatching

Best Time to Visit: Gregorian calendar month to March

2. Bhandardara

If you’re trying to find refreshing waterfalls close to Bombay, then Bhandardara is that the place to be. alongside the water gushing from high peaks, you’ll spend the maximum amount of time as you wish on the shores of lakes and on inexperienced pastures, amidst tall mountains. A hike through the luxurious jungles, that square measure colonized by several animals, is additionally a decent plan. the instant you are feeling tired, simply head to a lake and splash the cool water on your face.

Distance from Mumbai: one hundred sixty five kilometre

Driving Time: three hours thirty five minutes

Places to See: Umbrella Falls, Wilson Dam, Randha Falls, Kalsubai Peak, Arthur Lake, Ratangad Fort

Best Time to Visit: Sep to March

3. Sandhan depression

Known as the depression of Shadows, Sandhan depression could be a nice journey destination close to Bombay, for it offers you a combined thrill of hiking, climbing, rappelling, and watercourse crossing! The highlight of this quirky weekend getaway from Bombay is that the trekking path is kind of slender, with tall cliffs on either side. because the daylight reaching the surface is kind of less, the shadows square measure perpetual; therefore, the name.

Distance from Mumbai: 185 kilometre

Driving Time: four hours ten minutes

Things to Do: Hiking, watercourse crossing, rappelling, camping

Best Time to Visit: Sep to March

4. Purushwadi

Purushwadi is an incredible picnic spot close to Bombay, that treats you to the sight of stars on earth! close to the sting of the Western Ghats, this small village is thought for its mass gathering and coupling of twinkling fireflies, thus don’t forget to urge your camera. Excluding looking at this unbelievable spectacle, you’ll hike within the space, get pleasure from the easy-paced village life and from a variety of fun activities.

Distance from Mumbai: a hundred ninety kilometre

Driving Time: four hours twenty five minutes

Things to Do: Hiking, photography, restful amidst nature

Best Time to Visit: might and Gregorian calendar month

5. Dapoli

Dapoli could be a great spot for ocean lovers, soul searchers and life enthusiasts. whereas the beach close to the city is one amongst the most effective places for dolphin looking in Bharat, the backwaters of the Vashisht watercourse square measure home to robber crocodiles. As this is often actually a less-crowded place close to Bombay, you’ll get pleasure from all the calm you have ever wished for. What’s more? various water sports also are unionised here.

Distance from Mumbai: 220 kilometre

Driving Time: four hours fifty minutes

Things to Do: Beach fun, dolphin and crocodilian reptile looking at, journey sports

Best Time to Visit: October to March

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