Read Books

Reading is one of the best forms of self-education. We all have left the habit of reading books nowadays. When technology came into existence we started to read and watch everything through screens. Rather than reading articles in screen when we read it through a book or newspapers it will be good. Reading books also refreshes our mind. Now we see some of the benefits of reading books.

Reading books helps to improve our vocabulary. Reading books for an hour in day we get exposed to many new words and within a year we will learn millions of new words which enhances our vocabulary.

Reading increases our concentrating capacity. As reading requires patience, time and focused concentration by practice we turn into a smart person.

Reading books also strengthens our brain.

It also increases our ability to empathize. Research shows that people who read a lot of fiction stories are able to understand easily the feelings and belief of others.

Practicing reading regularly makes us more intelligent.

Reading books also reduces stress. The study found that 30 minutes of reading reduces blood pressure, heart rate and lowers psychological stress.

We will become a better communicator by regular practice of reading.

Reading also improves our memory.

Last but not the least reading also makes us enjoyable.

Therefore let us at least spend an hour in day for reading books and newspapers.

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