Street foods and it’s impact

‘ one cannot think well, Love well , sleep well , If one has not dined well’.

This quote says the precise truth about the food. Yes, food is everything. Without food , we cannot live. It is one among the essential components which is important to live. Many of us love street foods due to its taste.

What is street food ?

Street food is ready-to-eat food which is sold on the streets by the food truck, or other vehicles. Some of the streets foods are regional. Mostly street foods are classified as finger foods and fast foods which are cheaper than hotel or restaurant foods. A study made by Food and Agricultural Organization in 2008, which reported as 2.5 billion people eat streets foods daily. Taste is everything when it involves food. Especially street foods have excellent taste which attracts all types of individuals and every ages of individuals. Not only in our country, every country have many street food shops.

India is a diverse country with different culture and traditions. And it’s different sorts of food supported its culture. We could see many street foods in each areas in our country.

Advantages of eating street foods:

When it comes to the cost , it is less expensive than the other shops and it’s quick access and its cheap service attracts many workers in developing countries. Many families life depends on this street foods. Many street food shops are run by womens. We cannot await an extended time to urge food ij comparison to big hotels and restaurants.

Disadvantages of eating street foods:

When it involves health, it is very harmful to us. They add more spices and flavors to attract many people which makes us to fall sick and cause ulcer. They don’t reveal the spices and ingredients which they are adding. You furthermore may could find lack of cleanliness in those foods due to the place where they have prepared. They use low qualities of vegetable and other necessary ingredients to organize food. The oil which they are using is low quality and which has been used for therefore repeatedly in restaurants and other places. When you consume this oil foods , it may leads to heart attack. Because, the oil can deposit cholesterol in the valves of heart and arteries which cause heart attack. The plates which they serve people won’t be washed by washing liquids after one had food in that plate. Especially on the road side tea shops and other juice shops ,they use same tub to wash all the cups and they serve with the same cup. This will cause nausea or food poison. We might not know whether the food is prepared daily and it’s fresh food. This sorts of food stalls are on the streets which definitely have germs and other dust particles in it .

You can eat street foods , but not frequently which can cause some health issues. You’ll also eat street foods cooked with hygiene and top quality of ingredients. Not all the street foods are bad , but there are few. They don’t have any license. So think the qualities of the food. If you eat street foods, then take precautions accordingly to prevent you from falling sick.

“Food Safety involves every body in the food chain”

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