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Link tree is just a tool that enables you to form a free landing page and generates a link to the current landing page that you just will place in your social media accounts. Linktree is an editable cluster of links for you to publish around and obtain your multiple links during a single place. Some Linktree making sites or applications which are quite famous these days are : , , Instabio , Taplink , ShortStack etc.

Before knowing about Click Views, let us have a quick review on The Uses and Benefits of Linktree.

Why linktrees are used?

·  Linktree helps you to form a small landing page with a customizable link and media and generate a link to the current page. It primarily creates a straightforward landing page that hosts multiple links. The user pops the link to the current landing page so as to drive traffic to specific areas of your website.

·  Linktree permits you to form an individualised and easily-customizable page, that houses all the vital links you would like to share along with your audience.

What are ‘Views’ and ‘Clicks’?

Total Views – A view is anytime your Linktree is viewed. this might even be thought-about as what number times your Linktree URL has been clicked. For example, if one visitor lands on your Linktree once, that’s counted as one read. If that visitor visits your Linktree another three times, that’s another three views that currently equals four views. If a hundred guests land on your Linktree a pair of times, then your views count are two hundred.

Unique Views – a singular read is what number of completely different times your Linktree URL has been clicked. For example, if one visitor lands on your Linktree once, that’s counted as one read. If that visitor visits your Linktree another three times from an equivalent device, it’d still count as one distinctive read.

Total Clicks – A click is once a visitant clicks on one in all your links. This chart shows the whole quantity of clicks across all of your links. As an example, if a visitor of your Linktree clicks on three completely different links, your clicks figure this chart can show as three . (You will see that links were clicked by gap the clicks chart on every of your links)

Unique Clicks – a singular click shows what number individual guests have clicked on one or a lot of of your Linktree links. For example, if one visitant clicks on three completely different links, your distinctive clicks count can increase by one.

Can I able to see my Link tree click views ?

Yes, it is possible to keep a check on your Link tree Clicks and Views. There are a number of Link tree making platforms which allows the user to use the Analytics features to keep a track on the number of Clicks and Views.

How is it useful to see Views with meau

MEAU has promising features to show trends of all the uploaded data on your profile in a properly structured manner to give the most prominent information about your audience.

Whenever a user views your profile, you will receive a notification, along with their name, time, and the number of times they have visited your profile.

We also maintain a visiting count of your audience for you, showing you trends in the number of users visiting your profile. The feature is not just limited to your MEAU profile; we provide it individually for all the links you add to your profile.

You can facilely analyze the traffic on your profile, on individual links, and all the links collectively. Even a non MEAU user visits your MEAU, Profile then you will get a notification for that as well.

Let us create a Link tree with and find out the views on your Linktree

•       Type in your browser.

•       Sign up by victimising your email or number.

•       After linguistic communication up in a Dashboard can seem.

•       Choose Linktree possibility from the Dashboard.

•       Now, click on produce Link Tree possibility.

•       Enter Tree name(like a username) and title for your link tree.

•       Add the links of social media accounts.

•       Your link tree is created.

•       To share your Linktree , copy the link.

•       Click on the icon that has been explained in the picture below and you can see how many views you have received.

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