Healthy Coping Mechanisms don’t always mean sitting in your therapist’s office day after day just to talk to her. Some of the mechanisms could be done from your home. Due to the Pandemic, we don’t have a lot of access to resources outside. Most of the resources available to us are over the net or a Skype call. A simple coping mechanism could be by calling your friend up and speaking to him/her whenever you feel low and I would recommend that as the other person who speaks to you also knows you from a different point of view and could help you out by telling you what to do and what is best for you. The next coping mechanism would probably be music, plug on your earphones and go for a walk or if you want to do something more fun switch your speakers on and move to the music, this would work wonders as an individual would feel carefree and feel much uplifted. Diaries and Journals are also a great way to vent your feelings out to something. A book is your best friend and noting down how you feel and growing from that point since could help you a lot as when you flip back to those pages just to see what you were feeling then and how you have grown since the feeling is of great relief. Exercising and Meditation help focus your mind on a different goal and finishing a workout challenge can lighten your mood and freshen your mind too. These are the few coping mechanisms an individual of any age could do just by giving a few minutes of their day and could see differences.

Some mechanisms could be much more intensive than the ones above and if someone needs help, contact someone who could specifically help you in feeling better. Your therapist or Counsellor could help you by listening to you actively and give you an approach to work through the pain and trouble you’re facing. In case you have trouble at work or college, take a few days off if you feel you need it. Stay back at home cook yourself a meal and cuddle your dog! You will feel free. You don’t have to force yourself to work all the time if it stresses you out too much. You could ask for help and that could also create a very big impression on the other individual because doing something together is better than just giving up. Finally, the best Coping mechanism is Positive Thinking and Optimism, a small setback should not keep you behind from what you aim to achieve.