How to develop hotel business after covid-19?


As everyone know Covid pandemic has made a lot of impact in our lives and in our business. There are so many companies which face a severe drop in business like hotels,movie theatre etc.Hotels face a huge loss in doing business as there is no guest check-in at hotel rooms because of the lockdown initiated by the government.So it leads to the drop in business and also for the employees who work in the hotels.Next is movie theatre where no movie released in this pandemic and it leads to the huge loss in business of the theatre owners.


How to develop business after Covid Pandemic?

There are lot of safety measures which have been implimented by the government to make the company work properly. So once the government allows the hotels and other companies to reopen after pandemic they should attract and bring back the customer to the hotel by offering discounts and keeping all the safety measures in hotels.They can also use the strategy of advertising in social media and making some digital posters to inform about the discount and offers.


In Hotel next thing we can do is a Virtual communication platform or we can develop an app in that we can able to know about the health activity of the guest. We can provide a good ample space in the restaurant for the guest to sit and eat. We can make a discount of the food if the guest made a self service of the food because there won’t be any circumstances where he might meet a employees who might be Covid positive and he used to serve to lot of guest in the restaurant so it might lead to spread of Covid to all the guest in the hotel. So it’s better to do self service in restaurants. But some guest needs a service so before allowing the employee to work in the hotel there should be a proper Covid check up should be done for him then only he should be allowed to work in the hotel


Next thing we can do is instead of giving key card to the guest we can use face recognition system in doors so that in the front office we should get all the details about the guest and recognise the face of him then at the room we should give access to him using face recognition system.They should avoid using glass which will be wiped and used later. It should be avoided it also might spread Covid if the same glass is wiped and used by many guest in the hotel rooms.


So inorder to develop the business of the hotel we should change the technology of the hotel and make it safe to the guest coming to the hotel. Otherwise we can’t develop the business it will lead to loss in business. We should make the customer satisfied by providing all safety measures to the guest in rooms.Customer safety is more important than making business. So the first priority should be given to the customers so that the company will have a good image on the customers point of view and it will also have a successful growth.

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