Global security and peace are some of the direst needs of the people. Terrorism, tensions between the world powers, a power struggle among the nations are some of the sources that produce the situations of global insecurity and threat. For the purpose of countering these problems, numerous organizations and alliances have been structured. These organizations are sworn to maintain world peace and security.

One of such organizations is NATO or North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It is an intergovernmental military alliance formed between 30 European countries and North- American countries. The organization was formed to implement the North Atlantic Treaty that was devised to guarantee the freedom and security of its members through political and military means. NATO is the system of collective defense of its member countries.

Last year in March 2020, North Macedonia was added to the group as a new member.

Recently on 15th June, NATO organized a meeting concerning China’s trade, military, and human rights practices. It declared China a constant security challenge to the global order. In the summit statement, the leaders said that China’s goals and “assertive behavior present systemic challenges to the rules-based international order and areas relevant to alliance security.”

Joe Biden stood up and urged its members to raise a unified voice against China’s human rights records, its trade practices, and the assertive behavior of its military.
However, some nations stood up against NATO’s speech on China.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said NATO’s decision to name China as a threat “shouldn’t be overstated” because Beijing, like Russia, is also a partner in some areas. China is Germany’s top trading partner and is heavily dependent on Russia in fulfilling the country’s energy needs.
France’s President Emmanuel Macron urged the alliance not to let China distract it from what he saw as more pressing issues facing NATO, including the fight against terrorism and security issues related to Russia.

Discussions on many other issues took place and it said that they should “expend more energy on advancing dialogue and cooperation, and do more things that are truly conducive to maintaining international and regional security and stability,”