The key to efficient creative writing

Writing is an art of expressing yourself in words.Words flow into sentences and sentences to paragraphs,paragraphs to an entire story.In the ocean of alphabets you surf with the lifeboat of language.No matter what language you choose to write in,the end result must be the reader and your mind resonates.

What are the prerequisites for one to become a writer?

Clarity of thought 

Beforehand knowledge is not required.As the same can be acquired by research.It is rather a skill we develop by constant practice.

So a clear line of thought is required.This development itself takes days and days of practice ie to think clearly .

Organize your thinking 

Have a start to finish approach.When you begin,think from a beginning like a painter makes a sketch or painting, then jot down the points you wish to cover sequence wise and think of a way to end your writing.

Collect the pieces

Gather the pieces.Research the information related to it.Go through various sources not limiting to just one.

Find only relevant sources.

Broad perspective

Think out of the box.Do not limit yourself to one point of view.Read various perspectives left ,right and center to get a holistic view of the topic.

Polychromatic approach 

Subject wise analysis and adding hues to your writing.

Discipline and consistency

Don’t give up.Your first essay would be the worst one you write.But this is your first step.Even if it is bad one,it is better than not writing anything.Anything is better than nothing.

So without thinking what people will think about you.What will people say? Or what that they may judge you.

Just get your pen and start writing.

Knowing what not to write

Most important one- READING

If you want to write you first need to read.Without adding new knowledge to your existing one,no article can be complete.

Bring variety in reading.Refer to new genre to widen your sources.Read autobiographies,biographies for quotes.Never leave history behind.It is history that connects the dots between the past and the present.