3 Tips to start a successful book reading journey

Have you ever wondered why you keep picking up a hobby and dropping it as fast it has started. In the same way I am sure many of us have inspired to read books and dropped it because ,of course we are bored of it. Its just not you .You think books are boring and for nerds. Yeah of course, in one way it is but its not always the case. Books are for all sorts of people like young ,old ,adult, woman, man the list goes on. Actually the people who read books are not always nerds there is a lot sector of people out there who enjoys books and never get tired of them. I am sure you have wondered how could they do it and you couldn’t .Well then we are in the same train buddy. Hop on and relax, where I will give you three wonderful tips or tricks you name it that had helped me through this journey.

1.Choose the genre of your liking:

Do not I insist “do not” read just because you friends, fellow mate or anyone around you is reading a book. Because, one you may not like the genre of the book they are reading. You may be a fantasy lover or romance enthusiast but when you are reading a book that’s on lets say ” how to become a millionaire” .Well, definitely you are gonna get bored and assume book is just not for you. So if you ever get a thought of reading a book. Research what genre you like, its actually pretty easy .Just see what kind of movie you like and then apply the same here you definitely will love reading books and the voyage starts PERFECT.

2. Start small, pal:

Genre selected, now what? For the starters, don’t buy books with pages more than 200 because,we are normally inclined to be laziest. Just human thing, right? The biggest mistake I have done in my reading journey is to buy or read books that is 400 to even 1000 page and I started pretty good but latter things got messy .I stopped reading them because I just couldn’t do it its so big and all the thoughts in my mind is to complete the book and not to read it .That’s why I failed and its applicable for many. So lets stick with something small ,thus it helps you to read a lot and you wont be frustrated why you even started to read books.

3.Do it because you like it:

Don’t ever jump to a pond just because everyone around you are jumping. We are unique in our own way and our interests is too. So take time, wait for the right time and then jump. Its easier that way. You don’t have to read just to compete with your fellow friends or mate. You have to read it because you like it. When you do something out of interests ,you stick with it as long as you want to. So never start reading because someone told you to do but read because you like it.


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