Books that are impressive as heck


Michelle Obama(my favorite person on the planet) wrote this book. It talks about racism, love, accomplishment, failure, family, friends, hard work, almost everything.

It is a memoir published in 2018. This book made me think that life can be tricky and

many individuals will try to suppress you, make nasty comments on you, talk about your color, gender, culture, etc. But it is our will that enables us to overcome everything and show us -not others how we worth everything. It is a eye opening book for all those who assumes they couldn’t make it because of their background or any obstacles that prevent them from achieving it

2.Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life

Book by Albert Liebermann and Hector Garcia,it talks about a Japanese secret about how to live a long happy life without letting stress eat you. The book is around 120 page, so it will be helpful for those who are going to start their reading journey. I completed this book in one sitting so you can do it too. Its actually that good.So whats Ikigai ?HMM….Many may wonder.Well, its a secret to understand the reason of being and to know about your purpose of life.

3.The Alchemist

The alchemist ,a novel by Paulo Coelho will get you through some bitter times of life. The book is around 180 page with engaging story that applies to your real life. This book really got me thinking. The main theme of the book is to pursue your dream by following what your heart desires.

An amazing novel, that indeed can change your life and encourages you to follow your dream.

4.The Bell Jar

The bell jar was the only novel written by the Poet Sylvia plath. It is a heartbreaking novel that talks about depression and problems associated with it.It will let you think how clinical depression can cause someone life to death.The whole book is mind-blowing and engaging. But before reading this book, really be ready for some gruesome experience.

5.Man’ search for meaning

Man’s search for meaning by Victor Frankl is a life changing book that will make you think about life in a deeper way. The book has two part with the first part talks about the Victor Frankl life itself and how he managed to be positive in the Nazi camp and the second half talks about logo therapy and how you can use it for yourself to manage stress,anxiety,depresssion or any tragic experience. It is a positive book with some useful tips and will be helpful for those finding for meaning in their life

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