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Clubhouse is the hottest new social media app out there, but what is it exactly? Lately there have been a ton of social media startups all hoping you will get sick of the twitters, Facebook of the world and join their app instead but one that is gaining some pretty decent attraction- Clubhouse. Clubhouse will walk you through the app in a minute but the key thing that separates it from social media apps is it’s audio only. It is sort of like podcasts and convention panels could happen anywhere, anytime and you could participate in them. Currently you can only get into Clubhouse with an invite to the app but a lot of really high profile names are already on the service. Elon musk, Chris rock, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Cuban, from tech to comedy and everything in between there are a lot of big names on Clubhouse. There is one very small and important caveat aside from the whole invite thing, which is it’s only iphone only for right now. Clubhouse is only available on ios. But Clubhouse said in a blog post that they were excited to start working on the android version of its app and now the app can be used in the android also.

Signing up in the app is pretty easy but once you get to the end of sign up, you are able to choose a bunch of interests and based on those interests, Clubhouse will follow some people for you and also give you some recommendations as to what rooms you might want to join. There is a calendar where we can see a whole bunch of different rooms and different schedules and many alternative topics which is cool. Of course you will have notifications showing who followed you and stuffs. At the top of your main Clubhouse screen, you’ve got at a glance calendar of your interests. We can also do a lot of different things share it, tweet it, copy the link or put it on other social platforms.

Clubhouse is cool way to connect with and actually speak directly to influencers, celebrities and it is really personal way of communicating because you are having a conversation. This is app is kind of interesting and oddly intimate way of connecting with all types of people that you wouldn’t normally connect with. There is also many hilarious rooms and comedians talking about their craft , how they write jokes, how they perform them, they are inherently funny. There is a report that Facebook is working on features that is like Clubhouse. Basically the Clubhouse app can be accessed by anyone either in a productive way or unproductive way. The app is mostly welcomed by teenagers and adults and the number of users increased rapidly. Since in India, it is lockdown students have no other go but to use mobile phones and they are accessing various apps like Clubhouse. Clubhouse is the hottest app so far now and it is worth using, we can have fun talking with strangers.

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