Creating memories with kids – A Responsible Parenting

Everyone knows something about family, every single one of us is someone’s child, therefore has experienced parenting. Some of us will be parents and also have our own children. We human beings will have high level of expectations. Expectations laid on us to succeed in life, expectations at work to deliver, to be effective, to know not to fail, the expectations for parents to juggle personal and professional lives, eat healthy food, prepare our children healthy meals everyday, participate in sports, read books every night and excel at work at the same time. The duties are like raindrop getting bigger and bigger before it falls. Without noticing, we transfer all the expectations that we have on our children.

The thing is we want to make our children’s future bright and filled with happiness and so that we are making decisions of our own, not consulting with them about their field of interests. We fear that they will be failed in life because of freedom, carelessness. Today we expect them to do everything by their own irrespective of their age just by giving them instructions or free advice. On one hand we know that a child’s brain undergoes amazing period of development producing seven hundred neural connections every second. However Neuroscientists have also found that chronic stress triggers long-term in brain structure and function. Children who are exposed to chronic stress are prone to mental problems, such as anxiety, depression, mood swings, later in life as well as learning difficulties.

The famous psychologist Lev Vygotsky was the first to talk about the zone of proximal development. Children learn best when they are in the zone where tasks are not too hard, where are the goals are achievable with grit, determination, and passion. Kindness makes our children feel loved, not the degrees we have, not our concerns, not the number of after-school activities we take them to every day or homework we check. Kindness is our key story and key memory. Parents say they don’t want their child to be a failure. Children have to enjoy the carelessness of the life. Even though we have expectations, we have to create more valuable memories with our children. There is no perfect day or moment to come. If we keep waiting for a perfect day to come, it may never come. Parenting is spontaneous more than anything else. It is about creating the unexpected blissful memories with your kids.

A responsible parenting is that spending some valuable and productive time with your kids. We must have a healthy and friendly conversation with them and ask them about their day to-day happenings. Only in that way, they will come up with their answers, and we can also know the way they feel about things. If you are strict to them, they will not share anything or open up themselves to you, which leads to their mental stress. They will be scared to share or say things that happened to them, because you will punish them. A good parent is one who understands and creates memories with their children and that will lead them to a successful life.

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