Doctor, Mother & Top Cop: How IPS Amrita Duhan inspired many youngers

IPS officer Dr Amrita Duhan flawless idol to hundreds of UPSC aspirants trying hard to manage their personal and professional life.

In 2017, when Dr Amrita Duhan, the only woman Indian Police Service (IPS) officer in her cadre, bagged three trophies at the police academy, she became a role model for women across the country. Throughout her life, she has overcome hurdles to achieve her dreams and today she dons a number of hats from doctor and mother to police officer.

It was started when she completed her MBBS and then developed intrest in MD in Pathology. She worked as assistant professor at BPS Medical College. Afterwards got married and had a son. This didn’t stop her from dreaming as got inspired to take the UPSC Civil Service Exams. Begin her preparation without couching on weekdays and reserved her weekends for her son.
At the age of 33 when amrita cracked her exam on first attempt, she began her training at the National Police Academy. Bitter end of her training programme amrita was selected as the best outdoor probationer and the best all-round probationer.

Currently she is working at Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Traffic, in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Though her story she stated, “its never too late to get started on the path of success.”

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