Corruption has become a major problem not only in India but in the whole world. But here we shall focus on Corruption in India. Corruption has become the order of the day in our country. If you happen to go any Govt department and you have to get your work done, don’t think that your work shall be done quite easily, without paying any penny. You can get your work done if you pay some money to the concerned person.In other words, you will have to pay bribe in the name of File Charges, Processing Fee or for Tea and snacks. The bigger the crocodile, the bigger fish it will seek. But who is the sufferer of this system? Rich people, poor people or middle man? Rich people are the least affected tribe as this system is their bastard offspring.

The poor people are also unaffected by this corrupt system as they have nothing to pay and therefore nothing to get done. The worst sufferer is the middle man. For everything he is crushed. Therefore a no of agitations were started in order to curb this problem of corruption.Great Social Activists like Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal (Now Delhi CM) and team and Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev led this fight against corruption. Even the 2014 Election was fought on the issue of corruption and the BJP came to power.

As far as corruption is concerned, the first award goes to politicians and the second one to bureaucrats. There is always the blind race to be involved in multi-crore Rupees scams. Some of the famous scams are – 2G Scam, Commonwealth Games Scam, Coal-gate Scam, Fodder Scam etc.Corruption – A Big Problem – Solution Now from the last some months, there is the dearth of such cases which is really a relief for the people of India. The Modi Govt has been successful in putting a great check on this problem of corruption. Even some International Agency which studies the level of corruption in the world has admitted that the Corruption level in India has gone down.One of the biggest measures the Central Govt has taken occurred on 8th of November 2016. The Prime Minister in his address to the Nation announced that Rs 500/- and Rs 1,000 notes to be ceased to be legal tender from that date. The main purpose was to curb the deep-rooted corruption.

He himself said,” Specific classes of people, including those in high positions, are behind corruption and generation of black money and that the honest and hard working common man has nothing to fear.”But there is much to be done in order to wipe out corruption. It has entered the fabric of our society. So there is the need to discourage the people who consider it their right to take bribe. Transparency is the need of the hour. Shady deals can be reduced to zero by making every important transaction online.Strict punishment along with the confiscating the property of the guilty will do miracle. People must also listen to their conscience and avoid such hush money. Money earned through such illegal means can’t give the mental and spiritual satisfaction.

Remedial Measures :

The following measures may help in reducing corruption in society.

1. The most important action against corruption will be to start mass movements against materialistic culture. The mass media like TV and radio should be used extensively to spread this message and the present trend of utilizing them for promotion of commercial culture should be stopped. The ill-effects of corruption and its dehumanizing effect should be highlighted.

2. Earnest steps should be taken to remove social and economic disparity. While the western societies have progressed tremendously because there is no such detrimental social system, our Indian society is struggling even to get the basic minimum needs because the antisocial and retrograde social system here blocks the normal functioning of the society by perpetuating corruption.

3. The education system should be revamped to inculcate good human values among the youth and this should be begun right from primary level education.

4. Provision of basic needs to all is important to free people from their mental slavery.

5. Corruption should be viewed as a behavioural problem and not as a mere social evil. Therefore research is needed to find out whether there is any organic cause for this kind of behaviour. More and more behavioural abnormalities are being attributed to biological defects in individuals.

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