Gender Sensitization in India

Gender sensitization is something which has to be achieved from the most basic level in society which includes the thoughts of individual levels from the time they are born. I feel like the stakeholder who I would gender sensitize would be the elders in our Indian society and our parents. We’ve always been made to see that in the typical Indian
society that women are not safe and cannot do a lot of things as men can do such as show too much body, go out at night alone, cannot be seen with boys or men alone without getting shamed and so on. Its because of a lot of the ways we are brought up that girls are not well known to the outside world and how to tackle it. For example, if a boy wears no shirt or t-shirt it is okay but if the blouse of the saree is too short it is wrong as too much of the body of the female is bare. The idea that I would want to come up with is not something very strategic but something very basic and that would be to reduce the restrictions on a woman.

Let her go out with her friends, Let her wear whatever she wants too. Let her come back on her own without someone asking her to “call them when she reaches”. I have faced problems in surroundings where people judged me for playing a sport but in today’s world Women are excelling everywhere and to be fair even more than men in certain fields. Creating awareness and seeing such women as role models does not only make the situation better but motivates these girls and women to do what they do better. Basic safety is needed for both the genders but its only visible in the case of girls more and is exaggerated. If a family has a daughter and son, the parents should allow both the kids to have the same liberties and shouldn’t underestimate their daughter because “females are emotionally and physically not as strong” as males. The world has to realize that it cannot only run in the hands of males and the other gender might have been made weak in our scriptures and other books but in reality, they have to be given equal stance too. People should accept any gender whichever the person wishes to assume even if it is not what they received after birth. It is a basic right for anyone to choose their own identity.

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