Myopic eyes or short sightedness raising among kids

Now-a-days we can see many children are suffering from short sightedness. In United Kingdom, for the past 50 years , children with myopia has raised double. There was a research done by UK which reported that by 2050 , half of the world population will be suffered by myopia.

What is Myopia?

Myopia is otherwise known as short-sightedness. It is a common eye condition that causes distant objects to appear blurred and close objects to appear clearly. It may cause due to genetics or by environmental factors.

There are two factors which cause Myopia are one is genetics which is inherited from our ancestors and the next is due to environmental factors such as the food which we take in or playing indoor games will cause it.

Research says that the children who spends more time outdoors can play a significant role in their risk of developing myopia. Not only this research, many studies shows that children who spend more time outdoors are less likely to develop myopia than children who doesn’t spend additional time outdoors. So studies and researchers are requesting children to spend extra time outdoors.

But researchers are not sure that why this is the case. One theory says that the higher levels of light out door releases more dopamine into our retinal receptors.

Another suggestion by the researchers is that greater amount of physical activity done by the children in outdoors prevents myopia. But studies shows that this is not much effective.

One study suggests that walls in indoor environment and lack of space is to blame. This is also one of the reason to cause myopia in urban areas.

Modern lifestyles cause myopia:

In this modern world, we are spending most of our time indoors. Children are spending lot of their school time indoor and playing indoor games. Even we don’t sure that what may cause this myopia.

Continuous reading, reading at closer distances and continously using mobile and watching TV will all these leads to short sightedness.

One study says that, reading at distance closer than 25 cm may cause myopia and probably reading may cause small effect on developing myopia.

The effect of greater screen use on myopia in children has also mixed results. Estimating screen use and controlling it in a long-term experiment is difficult. Further research is needed to understand whether excessive screen use is to blame for higher rates of myopia, and still don’t know why this is the case.

Further, there have been no study yet looking at this problem in UK. These are all the earlier research and studies made by the researchers and organizations.

They said that , stay -at – home and learn in this pandemic will cause permanent myopia among children. Currently, the best advice to prevent you from myopia is to increase the time spent outdoors atleast 40 minutes a day. Reduce the usage of mobile and watching TV which will also decrease the cause of myopia. Take the foods which are good for eyes and vision.

” The eye is the jewel of the body

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