Soon Drones to carry vaccines

From the end of 2019 the world is affected by Corona virus and we are living in a pandemic situation. We are fighting against the virus for more than a year. Due to recent development in science vaccines are discovered which help us get rid of Corona virus. We all should get vaccinated to save us from the dreadful virus. But still many of the people are not vaccinated due to lack of awareness. We must listen to the awareness given by the Government and also many campaigns are also arranged for people to get vaccinated. We must get vaccinated to stay safe.

But still some people in villages are unable to get vaccines due to lack of transport to reach hospitals. Some people refuse vaccines as they don’t have symptoms of Corona fever. Some areas are hard to reach for health line workers to deliver vaccines. Due to this some of the population is not vaccinated.

The Indian Council of Medical Research(ICMR) has invited expression of interest from drone operators to “develop a delivery model” for using drones to deliver COVID-19 vaccines in remote and and areas that are hard to reach in country. Regarding this the ICMR has conducted a feasibility study in collaboration with the IIT-Kanpur. ICMR’s head of Epidemiology and Communicable Diseases Dr. Samiran Panda said that the aim was to develop a model through a pilot project that could be emulated and adopted by State governments.

While the government rules permit drone operations only to a visual range, the ICMR project comes at a time when the Ministry of Aviation has allowed 20 entities to conduct trials for “beyond visual line of sight” (BVLOS) drone flights. These experimental trials with drone flights starts from June 18 and after the tests the government will frame guidelines for BVLOS operations. Our task is to ensure air safety during BVLOS drone operations says Amber Dubey Joint Secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation and head of drones division.

It is also said that in drones vaccines can be carried in ice boxes to maintain the level of temperature. The boxes also contain data loggers, which have 4G network connectivity to relay the live record of temperature which can be accessed through smart phones.

The government is taking many measures to ensure our safety. So let us follow the guidelines said by the government during this pandemic and also get ourselves vaccinated.


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