Top International Business Journals- Things You should Know

A journal could be an elaborated account that records all the monetary transactions of a business, to be used for the longer term adaptation of accounts and therefore the transfer of data to different official accounting records, like the final ledger.

Below are 5 Top International Business Journals:

1.   Corporate Governance: An International Review

Corporate Governance: a world Review could be a peer-reviewed educational journal printed sixfold a year by Wiley. This most prestigious journal publishes international business analysis on comparative company governance, covering topics like investor policy, mutual funds, rules and investor rights.

The editorial mission of the journal is to find out regarding each the antecedents and effects of company governance practices, policies, associated principles from an knowledge domain oral communication. Consequently, the journal publishes articles from students in operation from a range of disciplines, as well as economic science, finance, law, management, social science and government.

Abstracting and categorisation

Corporate Governance: a world Review is abstracted and indexed within the Social Sciences Citation Index, Scopus, ProQuest, EBSCO, and Emerald Management Reviews. In line with the Journal Citation Reports, the journal incorporates a 2018 impact issue of 3.39 ranking it ninth out of 103 journals within the class “Business Finance”, forty sixth out of 147 journals within the class “Business” and 52nd out of 217 journals within the class “Management”.

In 2012, company Governance: a global Review celebrated its twentieth day of remembrance with a ceremonial occasion conference at the decided graduate school, university. The expressed aim of the event was to “move the sector nearer to a world theory by advancing our understanding of national governance bundles”. The day of remembrance was conjointly marked with an internet issue of the journal that brought along a number of the journal’s most extremely cited articles.

2.   Cross-Cultural Research

Cross-Cultural analysis (formerly Behavior Science Research) may be a peer-reviewed educational journal that publishes papers within the field of Social Sciences. The journal’s editor is Carol R. Coal (Human Relations space Files). It’s been in publication since 1966 and is presently printed by SAGE Publications on behalf of the Society for society analysis.


Cross-Cultural analysis publishes articles that describe society and comparative studies all told human sciences. The journal covers topics like societies, nations and cultures. Society analysis focuses on the systematic testing of theories regarding human societies and behavior.

Abstracting and compartmentalisation

Cross-Cultural analysis is abstracted and indexed in, among different databases: SCOPUS, and also the Social Sciences Citation Index per the Journal Citation Reports, its 2017 impact issue is 0.975, ranking it fifty six out of ninety eight journals within the class ‘Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary’.

3.   European Journal of International Management

The European Journal of International Management (EJIM) may be a cooperative, scholarly, and peer-reviewed educational journal managing problems starting from international business and management.

It is indexed in Scopus and net of Science.

4.   Strategic Management Society

The Strategic Management Society (SMS) could be a skilled society for the advancement of strategic management. The society consists of nearly 3000 members representing varied backgrounds and views from over eighty completely different countries. Membership consists of teachers, business practitioners, and consultants.. The society has been attributable with being an element within the development of strategic management as a legitimate field of donnish endeavor. The SMS publishes the Strategic Management Journal, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal and therefore the international Strategy Journal.


The Strategic Management Society was based at the associate degree initial meeting in London in 1981. start officers were not appointed at a second conference command in Montreal in 1982, and also the start constitution was drawn and approved at the third meeting in Paris in 1983. There have been 459 original founding members of the society.


      a)     Strategic Management Journal

The Strategic Management Journal has, since its institution in 1980, been the official journal of the Strategic Management Society. it’s printed in thirteen problems p.a. by Wiley-Blackwell and also the editors-in-chief square measure Richard A. Bettis, can Mitchell, and Edward J. Zajac. In keeping with the Journal Citation Reports, the journal includes a 2012 impact issue of 3.367.

Key topics mentioned within the journal square measure strategic resource allocation; organization structure; leadership; entrepreneurship and structure purpose; strategies and techniques for evaluating and understanding competitive, technological, social, and political environments; coming up with processes; and strategic call processes.

      b)     Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal

The Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal could be a quarterly publication of the Strategic Management Society. It was established in 2007 and is printed by Wiley-Blackwell. The editors-in-chief square measure Jay Barney, microphone Wright, Rajshree Agarwal, and G. T. Lumpkin. in keeping with the Journal Citation Reports, the journal includes a 2012 impact issue of one.

The journal covers observe of managing organizations as they subsume entrepreneurial processes and also the inevitable changes and transformations that lead to 10 theme areas:

·       Entrepreneurship and economic process

·       Change

·       Risk and uncertainty

·       Innovation

·       Creativity, imagination and opportunities

·       Strategy versus entrepreneurship

·       Technology

·       Social role of entrepreneurship

·       Behavioral characteristics of entrepreneurial activity

·       Entrepreneurial actions, innovation and appropriability

      c)    Global Strategy Journal

The Global Strategy Journal could be a quarterly publication of Wiley-Blackwell printed on behalf of the Strategic Management Society. The journal was established in 2011. The primary 2 problems with volume one were discharged in 2011 as a double issue.

5.   Journal of International Business Studies

The Journal of International Business Studies could be a peer-reviewed educational journal and also the official publication of the Academy of International Business. It’s printed by Palgrave Macmillan and covers analysis on international business. The journal was established in 1970 and is altered by Alain Verbeke (University of Calgary). in line with the Journal Citation Reports its 2018 impact issue is 7.724.

JIBS is a systematically hierarchic union of the best quality journals within the business and management fields. it’s conjointly extremely rated by the Social Sciences Citation Index (2018 2-year Impact Factor: 7.724, 5-year Impact Factor: 9.713), and rated as a 4* ‘World Elite’ journal within the Association of Business Schools’ Educational Journal Guide. It’s one in all the fifty journals utilized by monetary Times to work out grad school rankings.