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This quarantine has been really hard for many of us and I am sure many of you have lost your job or just graduated.At this time of period you feel stuck to step into the next phase of life.If you are one of that phase.I hope this blog helps you to atleast uplift your career goals,hone your skills and if you bored and want to learn something online courses are the vital option to go to.Continue reading for some great websites available online to enhance your skills


With multiple courses available online,this is one great platform to learn many skills from coding to culture.They even offer online college credits which will be useful for you later,but hey thats premium.But you dont want that but just want to understand and get more knowledge about certain subjects.This is a way to go.If you want to download the certificate to show you have completed it and add it in your resume.It is just a few dollars away.


Courses in this website are offered by standard universities.They are free and more convenient way of learning new stuffs.Though they have many varieties in their website .They still offer great programs that you can learn online for absolutely free.



Except the advertisement between lessons and a payment for certificate,this is a good website to learn cool things online.If you have the patience to wait between lessons.It is something worth to try.They even offer paid diploma programs online.If you want,check it out.


From arts to business,this website offers variety of courses you can learn.Even you can write exams and get a certificate for free how cool is that.But you want to change that into a college credit you have to pay but you don’t want that right.Then saylor academy is a go to option you can depend on.

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