Impact of Covid-19 among student’s mental health

This pandemic has given a lot of stress and trouble and anxiety to teachers and students. It has not only brought about anixety but also has brought about doubts concerning their future when it comes to socializing and the environment of schools to be brought back again has become a great challenge. It has changed the way how children grow, learn, play, interact and also manage their emotions. The academic and emotional support between the teachers and the students has been lacking since this pandemic. These are very important for a student’s well-being. Online classes amid this pandemic has brought about so much stress amongst students. They are unable to concentrate on school-work, their assignments seem to be always pending and there is often lack of support amongst students, teachers and their parents. It has become more of a struggle for getting motivated and getting self-control or self-discipline.

Social isolation amongst students have brought about loneliness, there has been negative consequences of behaviour amongst children as they are exhausted of staying at home. Students are forced to think twice before going out to play with their friends as they are aware of the consequences covid-19 can bring them once they are contracted with it. This isolation has also brought irritation in these children. It has increased their screen time on digital devices which can bring school life and their social life a bit improvement, but, at the same time, has always been a bridge or barrier amongst students from the normal way of school life. Let’s shift to social life in college amid pandemic. It has brought about more or less the same level of anxiety in college students where they more often fear about the health of their parents because they are far-away from them. College students’ anxiety has been more of whether they will be able to socialize or not, whether they will be in touch with their friends or not, it is very important during college times that we create good friends and stay in touch with them.

If I have to give my own experience of mental health, I have had a tough time in making friends initially at the very starting of my college life in my first year back in 2018. It took me a year to get to the college life atmosphere, ie, to understand how college life works and how I can make friends as college life is tough without having good friends.Before this, I hardly had friends and I never really spoke to them in college or hang out with them in college,it had been tough or I felt shy to be with anyone. It took me a year and a half to make good friends with whom I could talk to anytime, many have supported me a lot during those times, but it was hard for me to even interact with them during that one and a half year. I started changing myself to become a little bit socializing and this made me get along with a lot of my class friends. I ensured that I start hanging out with them, they gave me all the support and often encouraged me to hang out with them, this brought to me a lot of comfort among my friends. Though it improved my mental health, it all shattered post this pandemic. It was a tough time for me to contact them and to stay in touch with them. But, they ensured that I stay in touch with them, they would often message me and ask of my health status and would make me feel comfortable though we couldn’t see each other in person. These things has improved my ability to interact with them and to be stable in mind as if not for these gestures which my friends initiated with, there would have surely been negative consequences of not being in touch with my friends in me, at one point, it would have surely brought about depression.

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