Karnataka BJP in charge backs Yediurappa, said No discussion on leadership

BJP in charge backs Yediurappa after MLC questions his ability to run government: After lot of questioning, Karnataka chief minister B S Yediurppa is also facing dissidence from within past few weeks. Chief minister of Karnataka came under fresh attack on Thursday as a state BJP leader questioned his ability to run the BJP government. Past few weeks, many such allegations are being put on Karnataka Chief Minister.

A critical of the chief minister BJP MLC AH Vishwanath, who is often noticed criticizing chief minister, fired another salvo at Yediyurappa. He said “Public opinion about government and party is negative. It’s not good. Mr Yediyurappa is not in a condition to run the government as CM. Under his guidance, someone else should be accommodated in that position.” Further BJP MLC even accused family members of Yediurappa. He accused them of interfering in the administrative work and the running of departments. Further Vishwanath said “In irrigation department, a tender of Rs 20,000 crore was okayed without the clearance or resolution of the Irrigation Board,” He further added a claim that “BY Vijayendra, who is Yediyurappa’s younger son, and his friends have said that we collect money and this goes to Delhi. This is bad propaganda for the party.

All of these attacks on Yediurppa came amid the hectic political activities happening in the ruling BJP as Arun Singh started meeting all leaders and legislators individually to take a stock of the ground situation. While talking of this, Vishwanath also claimed that he had already brought these issues to the notice of Arun Singh. After the meeting with the national general secretary, MLC Vishwanath said “Like in other parties ‘family politics and demon politics’ is seen in BJP too. Yediyurappa should become a “margdarshak” and make way for others,” He further added “I don’t belong to any faction, I’m a party worker … I was with JD(S) earlier as its state president and MLA and had quit revolting against its leadership opposing several things there, but same things I’m seeing here. I’m seeing family politics and demon politics here too,

However the incharge of Karnataka BJP, Amit Singh who has recently started meeting the state leaders and legislators individually shared his view on this. Singh ruled out any discussion on changing of leadership and further blamed those two to three MLAs saying that they were acting in a way that could result in harming party’s image. He warned those MLAs saying “State BJP chief & other leaders are keeping a record of their statements. We’re gathering their record. I appeal to them to keep in mind that their statements should not hurt the party.”

On the allegations made by MLC Vishwanath, BJP incharge Singh said “We’ve made it clear that he is new and is not aware of the party culture.” After the meeting Singh also talked to reporters about this. He said “Commendable work is being done under chief minister BS Yediyurappa’s leadership,” Further Singh claimed that there are no differences in the party and all leaders are united.

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