world’s most expensive mango – Miyazaki mango

Miyazaki mangoes are the world’s most expensive mango and this can costs upto 2.7 lakh per kilogram in international markets last year. This mango is cultivated in Japan and also it is one of the most famous fruits cultivated in Miyazaki city in Japan. Now , India also initiated to cultivate this types of mango. It is the second biggest variety of mangoes grown in Japan after Okinawa. According to NDTV reports, this type of mangoes were cultivated in Miyazaki city since 1984.

About the Miyazaki mango :

This mango weights 350 kilograms more than the normal mango and this type of mangoes have 15% more sugar content than the normal ones. It is also called as “Eggs of sunshine or Taiyo – no – Tomago”. It is a type of Irwin mango and is ruby red colored. It looks like gaint red dinosaur egg. It is grown during the month of April and August when the harvest reaches its peak. This type of mango requires long hours of sunshine, enough rainfall and warm weather to grow. This fruit is also referred as ” the king of fruits ”

Couple in Madhya Pradesh got Miyazaki mango saplings :

The couple, Rani and Sankalp parihar got the saplings by a man who travelled on the same train while they traveling to Chennai. They planted two of their saplings in their orchards and hoped that it would grow as ordinary mango trees. But , their fortune, those mangoes color were not neither green or yellow but instead ruby red color. They were shocked to find the scarlet mangoes. After the research, they came to know more delightful details about the rare fruit and realized they had struck with jackpot.

After hearing about the expensive mango in MP, many thieves get into the couple’s orchard and tried to steal the mangoes, but some how they managed to save the mangoes. Due to the risk pf the theft, they has deployed four guards and six dogs to safeguard the expensive mangoes.

Sankalp said that ” , He offered these saplings to me and asked me to take care of these plants like our babies. ” And he also said that , he doesn’t know the real name of the mango tree and so he named it as Damini which is her mother’s name.

Joint director of Horticulture department of Madhya Pradesh reveled that, this type of mangoes are very rare in India.

His wife added that, one business man was ready to buy one mango at Rs 21,000 jeweller from Mumbai was ready to pay at any cost , but they have now made it very clear to all that they aren’t going to sell the mango to anyone yet and they will offer the first mango to Lord Mahakal.

It’s benefits:

This mangoes have lots of health benefits. It is rich in antioxidants and is filled with beta carotene and follic acid. It is good for eyes and lowers the cholesterol level of the body. It is beneficial for skins.

Miyazaki mangoes are also cultivated in Philippines, Thailand and now in India.

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