We all practice certain values in our life. Each one will practice different values in their life to achieve their goals. Values are not theoretical but actually influence our behavior. They are practical norms that we hold dear to ourselves. Generally values are seen as moral or spiritual principles that govern. Some of the values are compassion, truthfulness, honesty, manners, respect, generosity and patriotism. The one who gives space for these and many other positive values, is bound to receive more in like measure.

We can say values as a compass which is needed for today’s world. The compass is an instrument for directing the course of ships at sea. Values are like the compass that empowers everyone who understands those values to act without constant monitoring, evaluating or controlling. Principles(values) have various applications and when we practice that in our life they empower us to create a wide variety of practices to deal with different situations.

Values reflect our personal attitudes. They influence our decisions and choices. Values impact the core of our dream and visions. Their relevance in nation building becomes so much more important to both the individual and society as goodness and happiness is determinate on this. It is also that values what we believe are often referred to as ‘professed values’ and the values we practice are called as ‘operational values’. ‘Dynamic values’ are those values what we learn from our experience.

So let us practice good values in our life to develop into perfect individual.

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