A Patriarchal Society

We live in a society where men hold the power, be it in family matters, or social matters. Men have social privileges that women don’t have. Men in the families hold the position of the main person, the one holding the powers. All the important decisions are often taken by them.

Even in ancient history, Aristotle portrayed women as inferior to men, as their subordinates, and that they own them. In China, Confucianism had some dictates which promoted patriarchy like an ideal woman was expected to be obedient to her father before marriage, to her husband after marriage and to the first son if widowed.

There have been many explanations for the patriarchal nature of society. According to some sociologists, patriarchal constructs are more pronounced in societies with less economic development and those which are deep-rooted to the traditional cultures. Many 19th century scholars thought that there has been a cultural evolution too with the biological evolution; first was the animalistic sexual promiscuity followed by matriarchy which was then followed by patriarchy. Female attributes are often seen as weak and the male attributes are seen as powerful and hence given privilege. Women often feel disadvantaged in the patriarchal society, whether it is a social or political or economic, or traditional sphere of life. They are denied to hold the position of power as men think that they are not capable of doing so. Most of the societies are patrilineal too which means that the property and title are inherited by the sons of the family.

Many feminists believe that the reason for female oppression is the patriarchal nature of society. Patriarchy is so deep-rooted in our culture, specifically in our country, that nobody even realizes that something is wrong and it should be changed. We don’t even notice because it’s engraved in those minute things that can be ignored by someone who is not inclined toward an equal society for men and women.

When there are discussions in the family, the male members are part of that discussions, and females are not included. This is not the case for every household and every social community but the majority of the society is still living by the patriarchal norms. Sure, there has been progress and women are being given as much importance as men but that is a very small fraction of society. There are many consequences of this patriarchal nature of society. It promotes toxic masculinity which results in heinous sexual crimes and assaults.

While some women are trying to fight this biased society some don’t even know that they have a right to in political, cultural, and economic matters. They are not educated enough to realize this, thus, we have to educate them first.

One way to abolish the patriarchal norm is to start to form your house, if you are a male, start treating your wife or your daughter or your sister as your equal counterpart, their suggestion and vies should be included in all the family matters. If you complete this part successfully, start helping other women too, make the men and women both realize that they should hold equal positions in all the spheres of life.