Maintaining friendships made easy

Friends are such an integral part of our lives. We all as humans are social animals and do need friends in every step of our life to be able to share our happiness and sadness with them. They along with family are the pillars of strength in our lives who guide and help us in times of distress. They also add fun, vigour, and happiness to our life, isn’t it? A life without friends and their valued friendship is difficult. Let us all make great friends and cherish our journey of life while making it worthwhile. While few of us can easily make friends and also preserve the bond, many might find it difficult to maintain their friendships or make new friends. You need to remember that loneliness is not inevitable and that a little effort and time from your end can help nurture your friendship for life. Let’s have a look at a few things you can do to make new friends and maintain the already existing ones.

  1. Be available – Now this is one of the most important things you need to keep in mind if you want to be a great friend. You need to be available for the person you love and care for. This simply means that you need to be there to listen to them when they are sad, be their support when they need it and also take care of them as if it is your responsibility. When you take care of your friend and make an effort to be in their life, it will make them feel valued and special. Your efforts are sure to make an imprint on their heart because it is great to know that someone has your back. This makes your connection and bond much deeper.
  2. Honesty and Persistence – Two things to take care of while trying to be great friends with someone are, to be honest, and persistent. Be truthful about your preferences and opinions, and portray yourself as you are. Never lie or pretend to be someone else just to attain that friendship tag! That will never take your bond to the next level, but make it very superficial. Two people being close friends means knowing each other in and out and accepting each other as they are. Secondly, remember to be persistent and make efforts to connect, meet or even spend time together to get to know each other.
  3. Stay connected – While we need to accept we all have our own life to live and problems to face, to maintain a friendship for life you need to stay connected and talk once in a while, if not regularly. Mature friendships respect the fact that you two might not be able to talk regularly, maybe because of work or family commitments. In such cases, arrange virtual meets, or movie nights. Call and catch up with your friend once in a while to know about their whereabouts. This art of prioritisation is important as it helps them know that you are still there for them. Remember, small efforts go a long way.
  4. Find similarities but complement the differences – For a friendship to last, you need to find some similarities to connect on. For example, two people who are cricket fans can bond on this topic. Discussing matches, players, and even going out to the field to play or watch games, just one activity that gives so many opportunities to connect. If you make a new friend, find any activity that both of you enjoy doing. That can be a game, trying out different food cuisines, or even shopping. This makes the process of getting to know each other quite easy and smooth. Not to forget that two people can not be the same in all the ways, so you might also want to complement your differences in a way so that together you are the strongest team!
  5. Keep your expectations in check – While it is quite natural to expect from your friends, it may be harmful to your friendship if it exists in excess. It is quite a common saying that excessive expectations lead to disappointments, which in turn lead to fights or misunderstandings. To keep these in check, try to limit expecting too much from the other person. Do this by starting to respect boundaries, understanding their commitments, and maybe give them the required space when required. Try keeping your ego aside and try one more time when it is about that friendship, and maybe you’ll find your forever friend!

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