MPs question Twitter on its organisational structure, accountabilitySwati Mathur and Akhilesh Singh

NEW DELHI: There was a strong cross-party convergence at the meeting of the parliamentary standing committee on information technology on the need for Twitter to adhere to Indian laws even as members closely questioned the social media giant on its organisational structure and accountability in India.
Members of the committee, led by Congress MP Shashi Tharoor, pinned down Twitter India officials on what they felt were diversionary answers to questions about whether the US company respected Indian laws and the decision-making powers of the India office. The discussion in the committee came in the wake of Twitter delaying appointing officials to address grievances under new rules issued by the government and a row over its decision to flag certain BJP handles as “manipulated media” for tweeting about Congress’s alleged “toolkit” to defame the government. BJP’s Nishikant Dubey asked why Twitter failed to tag as “manipulated media” the recent video of a Ghaziabad man alleging assault, despite a clarification from UP police that the victim had made false claims.

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