Reactions And Responses

Whenever a situation arises, you will observe that most people react instead of responding. Human beings are the natural inhabitants of reaction rather than responses that sound very similar, but they are very different in their implications. So, what is the difference between a reaction and response? We choose to behave in a situation; whether to respond or react goes a long way in creating perceptions or views. When we respond to a situation, we show much self-control, and a better understanding of the situation is negative and can worsen the situation. Remember, remaining calm during test times is a sign of maturity and not a sign of inferiority.
Always be aware of your emotion and learn to manage them. There is a huge difference between people who react impulsively and those from controlling our behavior.

The reaction is an action or an outburst, either emotional or physical, response to being given a situation. A reaction relates to a physical or emotional consequence caused by a stimulus such as physical conditions(cold, heat, disease, etc.) or spoken words, written words, or actions. A reaction is typically quick, without much thought, tense and aggressive. It is generally an unconscious or involuntary action.
The response is a ‘considered’ reply, or something said in reply to a statement or question from somebody else. The response generally has to do with action, either physical action or something that you say. A response is thought out, calm and non-threatening.

Learn to respond and not to react…….

Maroju Sanjana

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