We have to build a positive self-esteem and image while nurturing respect and the self-esteem of others. We can only achieve this by assessing our self worth so that our own performance can be enhanced.

So let us see what is self-esteem is? Self-esteem is a measure of self-worth and importance. People who realize the importance of their self-worth have high self-esteem whereas those who have low self-esteem are those people who fail to understand their self-worth. So is self-esteem essential in our life? Yes, we need to have a high self- esteem to see the beauty of life and how important we are. A person with high self-esteem realizes his leadership qualities, talents and abilities and moves with confidence in himself and others. Only when we realize about how capable we are we will have a better thought to choose our goal and achieve it in our life. So first let us strongly have belief in ourselves about our abilities.

Self-esteem is a personality trait that is shaped from the very early years. It can also be strengthened at any point in life and building up it is a slow process which needs patience and perseverance. The individual with strong self-esteem feels happy and comfortable with himself and others. It makes him well-loved and endearing person among his associates and makes him successful in life as he will would be confident, dynamic, appreciative, achievement orientated and in general he would be a acceptable person. But a person with low self-esteem tends to be critical, self-centered and different.

Basically self-esteem is how we feel about ourselves. Our opinion of ourselves influences each and every activity of our life. High self-esteem leads to a happy and purposeful life.

So let us have a high self-esteem and achieve great things in our life.

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