Varnas:The Reality Of The Present Scenario

Varna system is an ancient system which is Based on caste stratification or varna stratification there are four categories in this system namely- BRAHMINS,KSHATRIYAS,VAISHYAS & SHUDRAS. They all used to do their jobs according to their categories.India’s caste system, which splits up Hindus into different societal groups according to their work and birth, is thought by researchers to go back some 3,000 years. There were also people who belongs to outside this system generally known as untouchables or certain tribes. As we all know the work is based on the birth of a person in any particular caste and no other caste’s person could do the same work and with time this became a rule for all castes and was ruled by the brahmins and kshatriyas. The other two castes were criticised and exploited by the former two. For centuries inter- caste marriages were prohibited and the upper castes people did not share their amenities with the lower caste people. In british raj the positions of administrators were givin to the upper castes people which led to the protests by the other categories and during the 1920s the new system of quotas was introduced by the colonial administration In which certain number of seats were reserved in government jobs for lower castes hindus, after independence the new laws were introduced by which the seats for colleges were also being reserved for the lower castes hindues by which some dalits have made it to leading position like B.R.Ambedker known as the father of constitution and this was all done only to raise the living standards of lower castes people and to maintain the socio economic balance among all hindus

But in current scenario the inequality between the respective castes still prevails if we see towards the education system the poor person irrespective of the caste could not get admission because of the quota system if we look forward towards the government jobs same happens because of the quota system. Nowadays in modern india we cannot see any discimination on the basis of castes but still we are dividing ourselves into these castes with the reservation system or quota system because of this many people who are more capable or skilled are being left behind because of the reservation here the most important question arises that Even after 74 years of independence why are we using the reservation system? This question arises because this shows that even now we are not able to lift ourselves with this mentality of caste bias earlier it was the upper castes Who have played the privileged one and now the skilled and talented mind is left behind because of the reservation and this is so because there are many people who are economically weak but are talented, intelligent and skilled but due to financial trouble they are unable to compete,When we talk about Equality for girls And boys education which will shelter the Ample of Doubts regarding the reservation. As people who suffered at back era Should Be Given Reservation at a point of time that should be Finished, For Example If we are providing medicine while the Illness is detected then after the cure the Medicine Should be Stopped, We can’t keep on giving medicine if the person is cure enough.Same goes with Reserved Category as we should focus on not the Divisions of categories but on the Equality side.

If we want to convert our Developing country into Developed one then Should sure Focus On the Future of the youth with Equality not with past Discrimination.

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