Most livable capital cities in India

India is one among the developing countries in the world. It is the second largest populous country in the world. As we all know national capital of India is New Delhi where the government of India is seated .

A survey was conducted by Center for science and Environment (CSE) Ease of Living Index reports reveals the top ten livable cities in India. Among the top ten livable cities, only three state capitals in the country had featured in it. We all usually believe that , the state capital cities in India are well developed and so people will prefer those cities to live. But the controversy were happened.

The index hadn’t ranked the four capital cities Dispur, Daman , Amaravati and Kolkata in this survey. All the cities were ranked as per the parameters which were used to determine the top ten livable cities in India. Four parameters which they focused were the quality of life ,economic ability, sustainability and citizen’s perception. All these parameters were marked out of 100. Based on this the ranks were given to the cities.

Overall, the best city and the most livable city in India is Bengaluru with the score of 78.82 percent. followed by Chennai , Shimla and Bhubaneswar.

Under the economic ability category only Bengaluru proved its economic ability with the weightage of 15 percent while kohima is the worst city . Other four capitals Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Delhi have provided moderate economic activities and others are scored less than 30 out of 100. This category includes all the economic development and economic opportunities.

Bhubaneswar ranked as top most city in the perception of citizens survey where as Delhi is ranked as the worst city in this category. Bhubaneswar pushed all the other state capitals Delhi and Mumbai back and it scored 94.8 percent under Ease of Living Index . This category includes the role of administrators.

Under the quality of life category, panaji is ranked as the first city with the weightage of 30 percent whereas srinagar is the worst capital city . This category includes education, housing, safety and security , health , solid waste management, mobility and recreation.

Under the sustainability category ,Shimla is ranked as the best city with a weightage of 20 percent whereas Imphal is the worst city . This category includes environment, green spaces and buildings, energy consumption and city resilience .

CSE analysis finds that , though Indian cities are raising gradually they failed to keep up the essential municipal services and economic and other opportunities.

The report says that, only 28 percent of sewage is treated. There are few Union Territories and states which donot treat sewage in their cities are Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Assam, Arunachal pradesh , Bihar , chattisgarh ,Lakshadeep, Manipur, Megalaya ,Mizoram and Nagaland.

Only five states and Union Territories have treated more than 50% of their sewage and seven states treated 20 to 50 % and the rest all treated less than 20 % of their sewage.

All these rankings and reports were the findings of CSE’s latest reports, State of India’s Environment 2021. Delhi ranked as the fourth best city under the category of governance behind Bhopal, Rajpur and Mumbai.

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