Traffic Education

What is traffic ?

The movement of any object from one place to another is traffic. Likewise, the movement of any vehicle from one place to another place on the road is road traffic.
Traffic Education describes the traffic rules and regulations clearly

Need and significance of traffic Education:
As young people become independent, they are exposed to increased risks. Especially teenagers are an important group of road users. Many are unaware that road incidents are the biggest cause of serious accidents and death. It is necessary to teach all the road safety measures clearly to avoid accidents.

To avoid accidents, one must know the prescribed rules and regulations.

Some Important provisions of law :

1) It is an offense to drive a vehicle without procuring a driving license.

2) Age limit for motor vehicles above 50 CC is above 18 years.

3) Age limit for transport vehicles is 25 years.

Rules for Pedestrians :

1)walk on the footpath. If a footpath is not available, must walk on right side of the road watching the on coming traffic.

2) Use zebra lines for crossing roads.

3) Don’t use the mobile in any form of walking/crossing either listening to songs.

4) Always use a torch while walking at night time.

5) Do look for a safe place to cross the road.

Rules for Motor Cycles :

1)Must hold a valid driving license.

2)Must have insurance cover before you drive your motorcycle.

3)Riders should wear properly fitted and secured helmets.

4)Carry only pillion passengers, who must sit on a proper seat.

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