Why is Mental Health important?

What is mental health and why is it so important? Many of us believe that physical health is more than enough to keep us going and ignore the thought of any mere mental health issues. Mental health as defined by the World Health Organisation (WHO) is the foundation of well-being and effective functioning among individuals. People believe that not having a mental disorder is more than enough to be healthy mentally, but there is a lot more to the back story of mental health than just a disorder. It covers the all-around well-being of a person which includes their interpersonal, intrapersonal, social, cultural, and spiritual skills. In a study performed, it was also observed that 3.6% of all the deaths in the European Union were only due to mental and behavioral problems among people.

Coping is a term that is used widely among all age groups when an individual undergoes a stressful experience or pressurizing situation which might have created an impact on their minds and mental health. Coping is the mechanism used for overcoming these impacts on the individual. Coping might be healthy if the individual does it properly and maybe with the right support but it could also be unhealthy if the right mechanisms are not used. Sometimes, support is needed from external sources to overcome a certain issue but due to the huge stigma over mental health in countries such as India, people prefer solving certain issues on their own which could make the mindset of an individual worse. Mental Health is extremely important for Physical Health as both have an interplay in their roles. If a person does not have strong mental health before doing or performing a particular task, they may not have the willpower and might start showing physical signs of nervousness and anxiety. For Example, an individual who is about to undergo surgery undergoes a mental check up pre and post the surgery as there are a lot of factors mentally which also determine the recovery and further processes of an individual. Mental health in children also is extremely important as they are not able to easily communicate about the problems they undergo. Bullying and other problems might be something that they feel ashamed of and feel very inferior even while speaking to their parents. They need to trust the people around them to talk to them and parents need to make them feel comfortable. Mental health plays an impeccable role in the pandemic and people have gone to extreme measures to provide the needed resources for every individuals well being.