Why you should own a pet

Most of us either want to or already have a pet. People love to have dogs, cats, bunnies, and birds as their pets. Taking care of your pet, cuddling with them, and having them around all the time makes them your best friend. You might not be surprised to know that dogs can sense your expressions, and even read your facial expressions. Here’s a curated list of why I think that you should give a try to owning a pet!

  1. A Companionship like no other – The bond that you are going to share with your pet will be like no other. The little gestures of them acknowledging your love by trying to cuddle with you and play with you are invaluable. They would love to spend time with you, which will never let you feel sad or alone. Your pet’s company is sure to encourage mental stimulation and positive thoughts in you, making you feel happy and content.
  2. Builds compassion and emotions – Did you know that growing up with pets is one thing that contributes largely to childhood development. Studies have shown that people growing with pets have firstly better internal motivation to care for animals than children who do not. Added to that, they show better impulse control, with reduced chances of developing anxiety, depression, or even allergies. Having a pet is also important to learn the art of responsibility because most of you even learn to understand what your pet needs without them saying it to you in human language! They are great to inculcate all positive emotions inside you and help you get a positive outlook towards life.
  3. Reduce stress – With a pet you are mostly smiling, so lesser chances of being stressed. People also route for spending time, cuddling, or even laying around with their pets when they are upset or sad. Scientifically, interacting with animals has been shown to decrease levels of cortisol which is a stress-releasing hormone. Studies also show that having pets can enhance your mood, increase positive feelings of support and reduce loneliness.
  4. A connection to nature – Having pets makes you acknowledge that Humans are one among the many varied species present on this planet. We might even start spending more time with nature outdoors, courtesy of the daily walks your pet would demand. This also increases our overall well-being. Spending time with pets makes us get all the love from them and reconnect with their emotions. Research has shown that that attachment to animals correlates with a positive orientation towards the environment and vice versa.

Having a pet adds value to your life in so many ways. Be it your own physical or mental health, loneliness, or stress. They are so helpful to us that this has also given birth to a term called “pet therapy”. This is a guided interaction between a trained animal and a person which might help to cope up with a problem, stress, a tough time in their life, or a mental disorder. These pets provide affection, comfort, love, and support to us. Hoping that after reading this you might find one reason to bring that furry friend into your life.

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