Fashion is my Expression

Jamie Margolis is a Colombian-Jewish young adult who is a climate change activist. She has very strong mediums of expressing her message and that usually consists of make up as her medium. She usually usually uses eyeliner to write down messages on her hand and face which express her message in a very unique fashion. Since childhood Jamie never wore make up to look pretty, she always wore it as a way of self expression. She usually doesn’t consider make up as a necessity but more of a need as a voice. To make a statement in certain occasions, Jaime wears her make up to interviews and shows but not everywhere. She also mentions how she is a conversationalist and doesn’t use a lot of makeup and utilizes what is available to her. Jamie also speaks about her personality and the relationship to make up, she mentions that eyeliner writings on her face and hands define her queen identity and she’s proud of it. The young adult has a lot of ambitions but also wants to make sure she maintains her support to climate change as an activist no matter what.

Makeup is it a necessity? well for a lot of people make up is used for hiding their flaws. But for a lot of people it is also a medium for conveying their messages to the world. Like Jamie, many young women use it for showing their power. They have equated their sexuality to the way they apply make up and dress up. Jamie mentions that her queer identity is much tied up to her make up and it gives her confidence and a safe space. She does this for herself and to connect herself more to the community.

For the red carpet, Jamie asked the makeup artist that MTV provided to make her eye makeup look like she was crying oil, and write “We Can’t Drink Oil” on her face. Then she got eyeliner and asked her friend to write #THISISZEROHOUR on one arm and NO PIPELINES on the other arm. As she dressed up in all black. The look was meant to emphasize and raise awareness around the pipeline leak, and how pipelines and fossil fuel infrastructure in general only cause pain, suffering, and destruction to a lot people and the earth.

Her eye makeup and lip makeup was so black and dramatic, that when she was on her way to the carpet she got a lot of stares and people asking questions, and it showed that the way she had expressed herself was having the exact effect she wanted it to because it sparked a conversation about oil and the keystone pipeline spill every time. The whole MTV EMA red carpet look was done with zero budget and no new clothes, and planned in just one day. The heels, the pants, the shirt, the earrings were all what she had in her closet as she had chosen to be sustainable and not spend money to buy new clothes for the event.