Is Immunity boosters a hoax?

Everyone is taking zinc tablets, popping vitamin C and multi-vitamin pills and drinking some immunity boosting products to enhance immunity in their body. Immunity is the new obsession and the bad thing is immunity boosters are a hoax. It is an unpopular opinion but it’s hacked by science, Immunity was the second most searched word in India in 2020. While the world was looking for vaccine, we were asking google how to improve our immunity. In march 2020, corona virus was declared a pandemic and in april 2020, google published the report of searched word by then the word immunity was up 500 percent, vitamin C up 150 percent, giloy up 380 percent and kadha up 90 percent. During the lockdown, immunity related stories saw a 39 percent increase in traffic.

Wunderman Thompson South Asia carried out a study, it found that respondents from 32 Indian cities across 15 states said, everyone in their home needed an immunity boost. Brands were happy to provide that boost, numerous immunity boosting products were added to the shells and many rebranded, the new Horlicks ad celebrated how the product not only has vitamin C and D but also zinc. ITC launched an immunity song for its dairy brand, Bonn launched an herb and seed bread to boost your immunity, supermarkets stocked up on immunity milk, immunity laddus and food supplements. The only immunity they delivered was for their own bottom line, their sales pitch made their business immune to the global shutdown, the Indian immunity boosting package products market is projected to reach 347 million dollars by FY, 2026.

An FMCG Gurus survey found that 72 percent of the participants are concerned about their immunity levels. People end up buying supplements, immunity-boosting packaged products and home remedies. Supplements like zinc has been selling like hot cake, somehow people are convinced that zinc can make them super-human and help them fight the coronavirus. The obsession reportedly began because of an e-mail noted Virologist and Pathologist James Robb supposedly wrote to his family and friends in february 2020 asking them to stock up on zinc lozenges and as like that everyone wanted to zinc up and as a result, for the first time ever in the history of in India the scale of multi-vitamin supplements overtook the sales of diabetes drugs.

A study is also found that 60 to 70 percent of dietary supplements sold across India are fake, counterfeit, unregistered and unapproved, the Indian dietary supplements market is expected to have reached 4billion dollars by 2020. Eat home-cooked meals, beans, nuts, whole grains, oysters because they all have zinc. Grape fruit, broccoli, orange have vitamin C. If you really need supplements then consult your doctor, do not fall for self-marketing and don’t self-medicate. So far the only tried and tested weapon against the coronavirus is a ‘vaccine’, neither consumables nor supplements, immunity boosters are a hoax.

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