Online classes amid pandemic

This pandemic has changed online classes forever. There has been a significant rise in the implementation of e-learning. Both teachers and students have had a tough time in understanding how to use the platform effectively. Here, I will be talking about how online classes has affected both teachers and students from my perspective.

Teachers all across the country and the world have been affected the most during this pandemic. They have had a tough time in understanding the platform in which they will be teaching students. Attention seeking and their span in classroom is way different than that of any online platform. Teachers have lost personal touch with their students and vice versa. Handling both, their houses as well as classes, have become a multi-task affair for them and has increased their difficulty to cope with the college guidelines and to separate their personal life with that of their professional life of teaching. Teachers have had to accept their salary cut due to the pandemic and the inability of the college or school to cope up with their expenses. The most difficult task for the teachers has been a very tough schedule for regular classes of many different batches and the additional coaching classes being conducted by them for the students. It is tough for teachers to be glued to their electronic devices and has this has also led to increase in strain to their eyes and therby, increase their stress levels too to cope up within the time limit and to complete portions for examinations.

Let’s shift focus on students. Students have had a tough time too to understand the new-normal of online classes. Being a student myself in college, I can say that it has been a tough time to reach out to my friends and to keep in touch with them by not meeting them for quite a while. Understanding the platform of classes and to use it effectively has been a tough time. Online classes have their own time limitations set for the amount of classes to be held in a particular day. Electronic devices adds up to the strain levels in our eyes just like I mentioned it for the teachers. Reaching out to teachers for clarification of doubts, understanding conceptual clarity has been tough for me. Beyond classes, there has been no social networking activity apart from virtual meetings with friends, and this, according to me, adds up to the gloomy days to be spent at home, covid-19 is such that we tend to think that the more we are at home, the lesser we are exposed to the virus, and thus, safe. If we go and keep meeting friends for a long time, we might get contracted to the virus, and would in-turn affect our families too, thinking about this, we don’t meet up our friends or our relatives. This does keep them safe, but, mentally, has affected each individual’s well-being.

I still think there is a lot of time for regular offline classes to resume. With the number of cases slowly reducing due to vaccination and the safety norms followed, students as well as teachers can just hope and pray that offline classes resume. Though vaccination is effective, the whole idea of maintaining social distancing in college or in schools will be tough. Gatherings will welcome the covid-19 strains and it should be a thing of the past in schools and colleges. Schools and colleges should ensure that the new normal is being practiced and the whole strategy to ensure a good class experience for both, the teachers as well as the students, especially, should be thought about in detail. There must be a proper detailed survey from both, teachers and students as to how they think the online classes should resume, with respect to the duration, flexibility, most importantly, conceptual understanding and practice, ie, the syllabus and the subjects is something which schools and colleges should revamp so as to make the students and teachers flexible in the subjects they want and the teaching to be fruitful. Students should be given online courses which are recommended by schools and colleges and their teachers to make them more of life-centric and all-rounders rather than just the mere syllabus.

According to me, online classes are not as effective as offline classes are. This is because there is lack of personal touch between students and teachers, there is lack of interests in students too, due to the online classes. Lack of resources such as the library and the proper guidance books is also a concern. Though information is vast, to rely on the online platforms is tough. Nothing is more effective than the books we read at the library, it has a different effect on the students.

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