World Music Day 2021: it’ history and significance

‘Without music life would be a mistake’.

As the proverb denotes, life is incomplete without music. As we all know that, June 21 is celebrated as World music day. In French, it is known as ‘ Fete de la Musique’ and Make Music Day As Well.

Music is so powerful:

Music has the power to do anything. It makes you feel free when you are in bad mood. It makes you to feel or imitates emotions and heal your pain. Every one loves to hear music and this day is for the millions and millions of people who loves music. There are many types of music like melodies , rhythm etc… All you have to do is listen. It helps to facilitate foreign language.

Music day and it’s history:

The first world music day was observed and celebrated on June 21 in France in the year 1982 . The former French minister of art and culture, Jack Lange along with French composers Maurice Fleuret initiated this in France. This day is celebrated on the day of summer solstice which is on June 21 every year. The main objective of this day is to bring people out from their house and to enjoy themselves, however they want. This wonderful day is celebrated by over 120 countries in the world, since 1982.

There is an another statement which states that, an American musician Joel Cohen proposed the idea of an all night music celebration in France to mark the beginning of the summer solstice in 1976 and since then , the entire world celebrates this day. Though it has vast genre, it has the ability to bring people together.

What is music?

Music is the arrangement of sounds having melody, rhythm and typically harmonious serious music. It is also one of the universal cultural aspects of human societies.

Signifance of the music:

Music brings the world closer. This day helps to revive the traditional and ancient music genre which are fading slowly. It also helped the new music artists to create new music trends. On this day, many music lovers from the world join together to celebrate this marvelous day. Many events related to music are conducted on this day which helps children and youths to expose their hidden talents. This day encourages children to develop their musical sensibilities.

Music affects you in many ways and primarily it affects your brain. It’s features has also been proven that music has larger effect on your mood. This affects due to the rhythm and tone that once we hear the music.

During this covid-19 1st wave, many people find that music relives stress and made the feel free and happy. Due to this day, there were any concerts and celebrations took place in social medias like Facebook, Instagram , Twitter etc… In India, Facebook and Instagram decides to celebrate this music day for a week from June 21 to June 27. During this period, lots of singers , music composers, artists across different genre will be taking part in this virtual celebration and it’s campaign is #MoreMusicTogether. Many famous artists are expected to join this virtual celebration and is to believe that , it will be stress buster for all the people during this pandemic time.

Enjoy your life by listening to the music “

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