A career in law

When we talk about the law, it has been so important from the primitive time and its importance will never decrease as the world needs to run peacefully and smoothly. Law as a career is a wonderful profession that can give you a plethora of career Ventures. It is the best way to conquer and explore for the students who are good in communication and are also confident about logical reasoning and can easily imbibe into the legal sphere. This is the right and apt place to develop your skills moreover it is in great demand in today’s world.

Career as a lawyer

Lawyers have always been respected and we always need lawyers to interpret law properly. The students can specialize in various areas like a:


Corporate Council 

Judicial Clerkship 

Judiciary and civil service

Media and Publication

Legal process outsourcing


Social work etc.

Looking into so many streams of specialization a student may get confused but just in case you are confused it is always good to take advice, and research a little bit to the various pros and cons of every stream.

In this topic, we will be analyzing and understanding the career of a lawyer who has taken the stream of litigation as his future career. 

About a career as a litigation lawyer

Litigation is a very intellectual and challenging stream as the legal practitioners provide the services by presenting their clients in the Court. a litigation lawyer is also called an attorney. One has to research the legal issues and present his case in front of the judge. He has to draft his legal documents, and there would be a lot of courtroom appearances. Litigation lawyers should have the complete information of the courtroom with the in-depth knowledge of his case.

Litigation Lawyer

Eligibility for a career as a litigation lawyer

To be eligible and practice in the court as a litigation lawyer one has to:

Complete the LLB 5 years or LLB 3 year’s course

A student who has completed his LLM is also is eligible

One cannot practice if you have done a diploma or a certificate course.

Other basic requirements are:

The student has to be good with communication skills, logical reasoning, full research in legal concepts, detailed knowledge, patience, troubleshooting, critical thinking, confidence, etc.

Few years of experience through internships in law firms will give necessary skill sets to be a professional litigation lawyer.

Pay structure of a litigation lawyer

A lawyer who is practicing in the court his pay scale differs greatly from organization and experience. Sometimes due to the intellectual capability and skill set a litigation lawyer may become very expensive due to the accurate knowledge and Court deliverance. Reputation also is a Core factor that will differ from person to person. in general, a litigation lawyer on an entry-level will draw 1,80,000 per annum and an average litigation lawyer will earn somewhere around 4,99,000 whereas a senior lawyer’s salary will be somewhere around 7 to 8 lacs per annum.

Salary of an attorney

This job is highly rewarding and also has job satisfaction. It helps you to reach Heights which are unimaginable and you can also develop your skill sets and work experience within no time. The job of a litigation lawyer has new challenges daily and is exciting as law keeps changing, hence one has to always keep updating himself. This profession is a discovery of new knowledge and learning and also gets a lot of financial rewards and sometimes even gives a sense of happiness when a genuine client gets justice because of your effort.


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