Insecurities of A Woman

In today’s fashion-crazed world obsessed with women’s bodies, insecurity is by far is the most widely possessed accessory of all women. Approximately 91% of the women express their insecurities about their appearance and body image.

What drives women to feel this way? Throughout history, beauty has always been the most sought after. Social norms dictate that physical attractiveness is one of the most dominant assets of a woman, which she should strive to achieve and maintain. Women are required to attain these beauty standards to succeed personally and professionally. Otherwise, their insecurities are always going to be magnified and exposed.

When the world expects a woman to look and act a certain way, she mentally coerces herself into thinking that she needs to be better for the world. Sadly, even though we have developed in technology and advancement, we are yet to remind ourselves that we are an evolved species who do not care about beauty standards.

Are you often filled with self-doubt and lacking self-confidence? Do you feel overweight, ugly, or unworthy of love? Are you teased and bullied based on your looks? You are not alone. As women, we are constantly under pressure to attain perfection, which is practically non-existent. Consequently, we are left with an awful feeling in the pit of our stomach that leads to poor self-esteem, low confidence and a tremendous amount of anxiety.

It is high time that we cut the head off the snake before it poisons the other aspects of our life. What is the solution to all of these? How do we curb the dreadful sensation of insecurities?

From toothpaste to clothes, advertisements feature “tall, skinny women with thick eyebrows, long eyelashes, full lips, narrow face shape, a slim waist, and curves at all the right places.” We need more and more healthy and real-looking women who inspire and motivate us. We need role models, not fashion models.

Besides, when we try to normalise something, we should view it as normal. So, the next time you see a plus-sized model or an African woman featured on the covers of your favourite magazine, refrain from expressing your compliments and praises to the company for bringing about the change. On that note, why not stop labelling them as “plus-sized, African, Asian, Hispanic, or Latina” model and just call them a model?

Why do we feel so validated by compliments? We are very deeply insecure about our bodies that we feel gratified when someone compliments us. Then, whenever our insecurity rears its ugly head, we bring forth that compliment to our minds and choose to believe it. Instead of giving over the reins to others to control our happiness, why don’t we start complimenting and putting confidence in ourselves?

Are compliments over something we have no control over, such as our body type and facial features, considered a compliment? It is more of a comment than a compliment.
“Hey, you have beautiful blue eyes.”
“Oh yeah, I was born with them.”

On the other hand, if someone compliments you on something you have an impact over, such as your knowledge, skills and hobbies, go ahead and own it. It doesn’t mean that you should not accept compliments made on your looks. They should not make you feel validated.
“Hey, you look cute.”
“Thanks, I know.”

Women will stop feeling insecure when the world stops judging them based on their looks. Until then, you should love your body the way it is and embrace your imperfections. Never let anyone else tell you otherwise. Be the best. Be you.