Juvenile Delinquency

When we talk about juvenile delinquency we often see a child or teenager committing any crime out of some reasons be it anger, revenge, aggression, or some kind of influence but at the same time we might often neglect the actual reasons like who or what could be the one that compel the juvenile to do so. We are talking about this here because sometimes there are children who are not the actual offenders but got trapped into this because of some situations and reasons. Juvenile delinquency generally refers to the participation of minors in illegal crimes. When a person deviates from the normal course of his social life his behaviour is termed as a delinquent. In other words when a juvenile’s actions prove to be dangerous towards the society and for him, he/she may be called a juvenile delinquent. There are certain signs that a child might be headed in a bad direction.

Predictions of Juvenile delinquencies may appear as early as preschool and often include:-

  • Abnormal or slow development of basic skills such as speech and language.
  • Chronic violation of the rules.
  • Serious aggressive behaviour toward other students or teachers.

When these signs are not showing in the child from beginning that does not mean that a child when grown up could not become a delinquent as stated earlier there are many factors and reasons that why he/she became an offender. One of the case study of Delhi shows it was not the actual offender who got punished for the crime rather he was the one who defend himself from being beaten by the other and unfortunately tured out to be an actual culprit. The main reason behind this is the negligence of the police and improper investigation and interrogation. According to the NCRB data of 2019 there are more non serious crime than the serious crimes. The serious crimes comprises of [ murder, rape, kidnapping] and the non serious crimes comprises of [ theft, burgerly, fraud, etc..] the non serious crimes are generally committed by the juveniles who lives in slum areas or who have less access to their wants like most of the theft cases that are recorded against juveniles are of mobiles, bikes, cycles etc.. and similar are of frauds cases but when it comes to the serious crimes as it is in the name we have to think seriously that how a child whose age is mere 14, 15, or 16 or any under 18 can commit these kind of heinous crimes and for this there are certain counsellors who works on their personality development along with the curative therapy in the rehabilitation centres.

There is a need to strengthen family, school, and community- their structures and the

Value systems as these provide an inclusive attitude and become role models for

Children. There is also a need to initiate collective action to address their problem and

Empower them, motivate them thereby provide them a road map for self development

So that none fall off the social security net.  

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