Kheerganga- A destination worth visiting

Kheerganga is one of the most famous destinations for trekkers and backpackers in India. It was first discovered by mountaineers who were looking to find a shortcut from Leh to Pangong Tso Lake. Kheerganga has since become an important destination for people looking to explore the Himalayan region with all its natural beauty, but also for those who want to feel more connected spiritually. 

Kheerganga offers many trekking trails and paths that range in difficulty levels so you can always find something suitable no matter your skill level or fitness level, as well as stay at guesthouses if you need some time off your feet. 

Even now, one will see the white rubber-like particles (malai) together with the new flowing water. The water remains boiling throughout the year and is claimed to be made in natural minerals and may cure abdomen connected disorders. Lord Shiva likeable this place most that he was determined to remain here. It’s aforementioned that Lord Shiva himself meditated here for thousands of years.

Where is Kheerganga?

Kheerganga Peak is within the Parvati natural depression of Kasol city in Kullu District in Himachal Pradesh is perked at an associate degree altitude of roughly 2950m.

Parvati natural depression is related to god Parvati with a furious Parvati stream flowing from the natural depression so meeting with stream Beas. The natural depression is enclosed by covering mountains even in summers with high rising pine trees creating the natural depression that seems like a painting from a painter’s wildest imaginations.

Kheerganga Peak has scores of mythological myths and beliefs and a few scientific facts. It’s believed that Lord Kartikeya, son of Shiva and Parvati, meditated within the caves here for several years, and at last, God Parvati came here to require Kartikey back and in happy mood god Parvati flowed a stream of Kheer( Indian afters product of milk and rice). It’s aforesaid that Lord Shiva himself meditated here for thousands of years. Later, lord Parshuram, on realizing the oncoming of Kalyug that there may be a fight amongst individuals, stopped the kheer, and what remained is that the difficulty. Yes! There’s an outflow conjointly.

It is believed that a shower during this outflow relieves all of your ailments. However, there’s a scientific story of outflow. The mountain or the caves up there square measure dormant volcanic, and so the spring may be an outflow.

Regardless of the story, the fact is that the person in it treats it as a place with a Shiva temple in its aspect. Those that don’t take it as a hot sweat room|steam room| vapour bath|vapour bath} bath when a pleasant trek relieves their sore muscles.

Crossing all the slim zigzag methods, water streams and rocky patches, you’ll finally see some colourful tents and consumption joints. As per the government, rules to keep or habitation up there in Kheerganga Trek Route are prohibited. Thus it’s better to start early and descend on a constant day before sunset. However, one will take their camps and keep provided you are doing litter the least bit.

Up there’s a natural spring and a Shiva Temple. I have already mentioned it. Take a shower in natural spring, eat there and relax a few times before you begin descending. The reading from up there’s beautiful.


Accomodations in Kheerganga?

Kheerganga has become a fashionable destination for young adventurers throughout the summer months. There are units around 8-10 huts giving rudimentary staying facilities in Kheerganga.

Looking at the season, weekend crowds and weather – it’s simple to search out accommodation in Kheerganga, albeit you haven’t set aside before. There are unit choices of personal huts and areas for couples at 400-500 Rupees per room.

A common sleeping area is out there (a comfy bed and blanket) at around Rs 100-200 per person. Keep in mind that the loose area unit principally shared ones associated it’s nearly impossible to search out an area with a connected toilet.

A typical open restaurant in Kheerganga, storm clouds builds au fait, a close-by mountain.

There aren’t any hotels to stay at Kheerganga, however, they are straightforward places. All the staying places have either an open restaurant (during the day) and a closed uptake area with heating arrangements for cold evenings. Some massive cafés and restaurants have an area for as several as 50-100 folks to sit down and dilapidate one purpose of your time.

Food is kind of expensive at Kheerganga. Therefore it’s advised to hold a packet or 2 of bread with Nutella, and additionally carry chocolates to munch and supply energy whereas on the trek.

Some tented accommodation might also be obtainable on the inexperienced meadows that are a brief distance from the opposite cafés. It’s additionally attainable to pitch your tent by paying a tiny low fee in Kheerganga.

Some firms supply weekend trek packages to Kheerganga – with costs from the urban centre, an honest plan for cluster travellers. Their common uptake area is sweet, and with a night fire, a pre-packaged deal for Kheerganga might not be a foul plan.

Another option for trekkers may be staying within the common rooms known as Ashram. The monks, pandits and sadhus maintain it. Costs at the Ashram area unit a hundred and fifty Rs per day per person together with food. Meals embrace dal, rice and chapati.

Suppose one is arriving at Kheerganga late within the evening. In that case, it will become an unsafe scenario just in case of inclement-ness once all staying choices are area units found to be packed typically.

The water place that comes approx. Forty-five minutes before reaching Kheerganga could be a stunning place to sit down and relax.

The water of the natural hot springs is so white like milk and a shower within the same is taken into account sacred and brooding. The temple is believed to be quite ancient too, and Kheerganga is the abode of Lord Shiva (according to the locals.) It’s a religious website.