Why we should stop judging others

You do you. This is true, do not let the world tell you otherwise. Though all of us know how correct is this, often we find people who do not understand this. Those are the ones belittling you, judging you, and shaming you for your thoughts, preferences, way of life, and everything else too! Would you feel good if someone mocked you, talked about, or made negative opinions about you? The answer is pretty much a no. So if you as a person would be hurt if someone judged you, why would you want someone else to go through that pain? If you are someone who respects others for who they are and accepts them without any judgement, kudos to you. And for the others, it is never too late to be kind. You can start from today, in fact from now, and here are reasons why I think we all should stop judging others.

  1. Judging others spreads negativity – We all know that positivity and kindness are the need of the hour. This means that we should stop doing things that are not bringing positivity to the environment. When you judge someone, that always brings down the other person, they even start associating negativity with you. That would never do any good to you, and the negativity might creep into you as well. It is difficult to stay happy and optimistic if you keep judging others. It like, always finding flaws in things, in situations, and with people. Try to find good in others, maybe appreciate how they smile, and how great it is to meet them. This would automatically infuse all the good vibes in and around your environment.
  2. Judgement means a no to acceptability – Humans are diverse and very different from each other. From cultures to way of living, to life preferences and demands, everyone has their own choices. All of us want to be accepted in our own skin, isn’t it? Changing because someone else likes you better, is something that we all should say no to. Everyone has the right to be who they are and do what they want to do. All of this is negated when we start to judge others. A lot of people cannot stand the judgement and feel ashamed and embarrassed. This forces them to change in the way society wanted them to be, even when they did not want to. We should stop judging others to encourage acceptability and make people feel comfortable in their own skin.
  3. You drive away happiness and contentment from your life – It is often said, judging someone does not define who they are, it defines who you are. There can be innumerable reasons why you are judging others, but a lot of times it is borne out of your own dissatisfactions and unhappiness. It sometimes might become difficult for you to see others happy when you are sad and discontent, and putting someone else down might provide a momentary satisfaction. But remember that it just makes you fall into a deeper pit of negative emotions, unhappiness, and guilt. You need to start being optimistic, accepting, and content with what comes your way. This will help you accept others as they are and spread positivity all around. Let us strive for a world wherein we all respect each other’s feelings, emotions, and thoughts so that our’s are accepted too and where all we diverse humans can live as one.

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