World Rainforest Day 2021

‘Save trees save life’ is a well known proverb for everyone. It is our responsibility to save forests because it would save our life. This types of forests are gets more rainfall and it helps to maintain ecosystem. It is important for the survival of life on the earth.

World Rainforest day is celebrated on June 22 every year. The name itself suggested the aim of the celebration. The day is to celebrate the existence of the rain forest and to create awareness or raise awareness among the people to preserve this type of natural resources. This day is celebrated on June 22 every year by millions of people round the world. It maintains the climatic balance and global warming.

History of World Rainforest Day

The first World Rainforest Day was observed on June 22 ,2017 which was introduced through the efforts and collaborations made by a groups called the Rainforest Partnership. The main aim of this initiative is to protect world’s Rainforests and to maintain ecosystem.

Theme of the World Rainforest Day 2021

The theme of this day has been finalized as “Protected together. Now. Forever”. On this special day people across the globe work together to preserve rainforests.

Significance of World Rainforest Day

This day is to promote methods or to preserve rainforests by many people across the globe. Due to this pandemic, no events were held in person but people are asking and willing to take part in the virtual events to highlight the importance of this day.

Two types of Rainforest:

There are two types of rain forests: tropical and temperate. Tropical forests are situated nearer to the equator where the land is hot whereas temperate forests are closer to the north or south pole where the land is cooler compared to tropical forests.

Rain forests gives us fresh water and it absorbs more carbondioxide and other harmful gases and emits oxygen which maintains the climatic balance. In these forests , we could find more valuable trees but all these trees are cutting down by people for money. There were more than 1 billion hectare from the tropical forests have been compressed due to deforestration.

Amazon rainforest alone provides 20% of oxygen and the pure water we drink. Daily there are 40 soccer lands are destroyed by the people. If this continues, 15% of carbondioxide emissions leads to climate change and global warming.

Top 3 Rainforest in the world

There are many rain forests out of which we are now looking at only the top 3 rainforests in the world

1. Amazon Rainforest

This is the world’s largest tropical rainforest located in South America with the land mass of 628 million hectares of tree covering area including 526 million hectares of primary forest and is the forest which has highest forest loss. 30 million hectares of primary forests have been deforestrated from 2002 to 2019.

2. The Congo Rainforest

It is the second largest tropican rainforest located in Congo Basin with the land mass of 288 million hectare of tree cover forest and 168 million hectares of primary forest. Due to deforestration, this forest losts over 6 million hectares of primary forest and 13.5 million hectares of tree cover forest between 2002 and 2019.

3. Australasian Realm Rainforest

This tropical rainforest is found on the island of New Guinea and also north eastern Australia with the land mass of 89 hectares of tree covering including 64 million hectares of primary forest in 2020. Due to deforestration, Indonesian part of New Guinea losts 605,000 hectares of primary forest area while PNG losts 732,000 hectares from 2002 .

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