A few problems

India has always been a country which has had it’s own issues and problems. Over the years people have may have looked to change but to be honest there is not much change among people. This is an interpretation of an excerpt about the city of Mumbai, The city might have it’s own beauty but under this beauty there are huge scams and secrets running in the city. The city has a very ongoing influx and efflux of people due to its so called name. The country of India itself is referred to the place of No’s as wherever you whatever you do, there is a huge blockage and that is of the No.

People constantly get rejected. Want an auto? No. Want a ride? No. Want some help? No. The metropolis such as Bombay usually have a huge problem of Overpopulation. In a single building there is a huge population which causes a rise in issues and lack of privacy. Indians also do not maintain their own places of living. Usually winds blow in a lot of garbage into houses which cause ailments and soon people end up in a hospital. Service providers come to do their work on their own will and own sweet time no matter when the owner calls them. People choose to do their own work according to their own desire and wills.

Another problem is how our country provides the whole world with some of the best technical brains and forces but yet we do not develop. People go abroad to study and settle down instead of working for our own country. Why is that? The chances of the population go to either the meritious or the rich. You are either smart or you are rich to buy them off. Everything done in this country falls under the quota of academics or money. People usually do not tend to see the other characteristics of an individual such as confidence or athletic capacity as sometimes these can also define an individual.

These are just a percent of the issues of the Indian population there are a hundred more reasons why our country is still stuck in the same status and rank in the case of development. While other countries are rushing their way through development, India still takes small steps just to reach a goal. The people and their mentalities are the main reason why the country is failing to develop unlike a lot of its peers.

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